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Emoji Glossary for Sex

Emoji for Sex, Sexting
If you’re interested in taking your sexting to the next level, you’ve got to incorporate some emojis into the mix. Some of them are pretty clear as to their meaning, while others… Well, they make sexting a bit of a ...Read More

Why You Could be Wasting Your Time on Him

Do I'm wasting time on him?
Some relationships are not as slick as others and there comes a point where you have to say that enough is enough because the chasing and time wasting is not worth the hassle so what are the signs he will ...Read More

One-Night Stand – The Psychology Behind it

Psychology of One-Night Stand
You may hear many one night stand stories but why do so many people do it? Is it for fun, the thrill or just for the want of some physical affection? One night stands are often always linked to it ...Read More

You’ll Only Know These Things If You’ve Tried Online Dating

You'll Only Know These Things If You've Tried Online Dating
Dating online is one big learning curve, in the same way as traditional dating but it does work and this has been proven. However, there are certain things that you experience when dating online that you do not necessarily experience ...Read More

Signs You’re Dating an Alpha Female

Dating an Alpha Female
So you’ve met someone new and already you’re getting a vibe that this one could be more than just a fling. But one thing is troubling you. She seems to be a lot more assertive than any of your previous ...Read More

Top Things You Should Know about Flirting in Instagram

instagram flirting
Once upon a time flirting involved eye contact and casual conversation, usually in a bar packed with individuals, most of whom were up to something similar. With the advent of social media it has become so much easier to get ...Read More

How to Handle Nerves on a Date

How to handle nerves on a date
There are many things in life that can turn anyone into a nervous wreck – driving tests, exams, meeting a partner’s family – but nothing as potentially gut-wrenching as a first date. It’s the one thing that every relationship has ...Read More