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Emoji Glossary for Sex

Emoji for Sex, Sexting
If you’re interested in taking your sexting to the next level, you’ve got to incorporate some emojis into the mix. Some of them are pretty clear as to their meaning, while others… Well, they make sexting a bit of a ...Read More

How to Handle Nerves on a Date

How to handle nerves on a date
There are many things in life that can turn anyone into a nervous wreck – driving tests, exams, meeting a partner’s family – but nothing as potentially gut-wrenching as a first date. It’s the one thing that every relationship has ...Read More

Funny Dating Profile Tips: Make Her Heart Melt

Funny Dating Profile Examples
When it comes to underlining the most crucial aspects of online dating, focus on your profile. Forget everything else. If you want your in-box to become clogged with messages from girls who are dying to meet the person behind your ...Read More

Dating a Girl After Only Dating Guys: Personal Experience

Dating a Girl after only dating Guys
Recently I embarked on an erotic adventure. I decided to make a change in my dating habits - quite a fundamental one. After years of ups and downs in my relationships with guys I’d found myself in a bit of ...Read More

If You Want Some Kitty, Don’t Be Afraid to BeNaughty!

stop teasing cats, be naughty!
When you’re feeling lonely, a kitten can be a fantastic snuggle partner. They’re soft and sweet, and when they start purring, it can make your heart melt. But, let’s face it, they are no match for a strong man’s pair ...Read More

Top 10 Secrets Men Will Keep From Their Girlfriends

what things man keep from women
Ladies, you may want to believe that you know everything there is to know about your boyfriend, but the truth is, he’s holding back. While yes, he may tell you a bunch of stuff so that it feels like you ...Read More

5 Ways to Win the Heart of the Girl That You Think Is Out Of Your League

how to win the woman of your dream
She may be the girl that every man dreams about, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try your luck and pursue her. Find out how you can win her heart and make the other guys jealous. 1. Have Good ...Read More