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How to Tell a Guy I Like Him Without Saying It?

How to Tell a Guy I Like Him Without Saying It?
A lot of the time you don’t want to put your heart on the line and tell a guy you like him. It can be incredibly scary and panic inducing, but there are ways you can communicate you’re interested in ...Read More

Recognizing the 5 Phases of Courtship

5 phases of courtship
Attracting attention The first step of courtship is ensuring the object of your desire notices you. At this stage you are strangers, and if you are in a social situation you may well be one component of a crowd. Say ...Read More

Here are 5 Dating Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Earlier

Dating Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Earlier
Expectations When I was a teenager I had high expectations about every relationship I embarked on. I would always imagine long-term scenarios, worry about whether or not we’d have anything in common when we were 30, and wonder how happy ...Read More

Ever Wondered Why Naughty Girls are so Successful? Here’s Why

why naughty girls get what they want
There can be no denying naughty girls feature prominently in the desires of a huge number of men. They might dream of meeting someone nice they can introduce to their families. But the ones they’ll fantasize about are those girls ...Read More

Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want a Serious Relationship. What Next?

she doesn’t want a serious relationship
So you’ve got to the stage in your relationship where you see a long-term future together. The only problem with this rose-scented path you envisage unwinding before the pair of you is quite a big one. She doesn’t share your ...Read More

Women Reveal the Manly Behaviors They Actually Hate

manly behaviors women hate
Guys are often confident they know exactly what women like about them. But a lot of these macho preconceptions are one-sided and actually detested by partners. These are some of the behavioral attributes women actually despise. Indifference to personal appearance ...Read More