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Help! What Do Sexual Dreams Mean?

What Do Sexual Dreams Mean
It may or may not happen frequently, but when you have a spicy sex dream, it can put a little pep in your step, especially if they are about your partner or a crush. But what about those other sex ...Read More

You Might Be Surprised to Learn Why Women Are Attracted to Other Women

straight women attracted to women
Did you know that approximately 60% of all women are attracted to another woman? According to research, a woman’s sexual preference tends to be pretty fluid and it doesn’t really fit into a gay or straight category. Researchers at Boise ...Read More

How to Get a Guy’s Attention in 5 Easy Steps

How to Attract a Guy’s Attention
How to Attract a Guy’s Attention Ladies, how many times have you been in a situation where you spot a guy that just gets your blood bubbling and you really want to get his attention but you just don’t know ...Read More

How Sports and Exercise Improve Your Sex Life

ways to improve sex life
If you’re someone who isn’t satisfied with their sex life, you may have started researching for ways to improve sex life and make it more enjoyable. You may have read things like going on couples retreats, trying foreplay, or acting ...Read More

5 Signs That You’re Dating a Wrong Person

signs you are dating the wrong person
When you date someone, you’re either going to marry them or break up — that’s just the way things go. However, have you ever had moments where you felt like you were dating a wrong person? Maybe that bit of ...Read More

How to Be in an Open Relationship and Not Regret It

Open Relationship Rules
What Is an Open Relationship? Sometimes when people think about an open relationship, they assume the people are just cheating on their partners. That’s not the case. An open relationship is when the people in a relationship understand that they ...Read More