Emoji Glossary for Sex

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Emoji Glossary for Sex

If you’re interested in taking your sexting to the next level, you’ve got to incorporate some emojis into the mix. Some of them are pretty clear as to their meaning, while others… Well, they make sexting a bit of a fun guessing game.

Let’s get started.

*Note: for this chart, we are going to be using emojis from the Emojipedia.

Emoji Name Emoji Picture Meaning


This is in the same vein as the typical “Eggplant” emoji that is often used for the male genitals.


Some fun in the bedroom. If you use a bed with person in it emoji, then you’re waiting for them in bed.

Bottle with Popping Cork

He just blew his load.


For the kinky folk, this is code for “Pour wax on me/you.”


Kitty, P*ssy, Kitty-Cat. Whatever you want to call it.


Oh my! Do we really need to explain this one?

Cloud with Lightning and Rain

A good and wet orgasm.


Oh, you know. Just one of many holes that can be filled with Bananas and Eggplants.

Honey Pot

Another innuendo for lady bits.


Mmm… Motorboat. If you don’t know what motorboat means, perhaps you shouldn’t be sexting.

Ping Pong

Forget the ball and bend over and brace yourself for a good spanking!

Raised Hand

Want a spanking?


This is called a cockerel or, cock for short. So.. Yeah.


Lady bits or butt.


Lady Bits! This can also be used in place of the iconic peach emoji.


It’s (You’re) getting hot.


This can indicate how horny you are.


Face Blow me, Blow Job, Oral Gratification

Mind you, these are only a small selection of naughty emojis! You can pretty much turn any emoji into a sexual innuendo if you wanted to.

Here’s some fun phrases you can send your lover so they get the picture… Literally!

Emoji Sequence Meaning

A sexy night has been planned.

His rocket is ready for your tunnel.

Good Sex!

An explosive orgasm.

Finger banging until orgasm.

The WRONG way to finger a woman.

The RIGHT way to finger a woman.

Shower time fun!


What are some of your emoji’s that you use for sexting? Share with us some of the naughty emojis that you’ve used to turn your lover on and let them know that you want to get down and dirty!