The Secrets That Women Keep From Their Partners

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The Secrets That Women Keep From Their Partners

Everyone has a few secrets, but women often go to great lengths to maintain a bit of mystery in their relationships. Some of these secrets are a bit scandalous, while others are a little more mundane, but either way, a lot of women tend to keep their partners on their toes. If you are wondering what secrets women keep from men, look no further; we got all the salacious details for you.

She Thinks About the Bedroom. A Lot.
Men aren’t the only ones who think about what goes on between the sheets. Recent studies actually show that women think about sex just as much as men do, but they may not always share their sexual needs and desires with their partner.

They could be keeping their wants and needs a secret for a variety of reasons, but often times they are either shy or worried about discussing the dirty details with their significant other. It never hurts to ask her about it. So ask, and you might find some fun ways to spice up life in the bedroom if you do.

She Doesn’t Wake Up Like This
If you’re in the early stages of your relationship especially, she may try to give the impression that all that beauty is effortless and those legs just never grow hair, but there’s a good chance that isn’t reality.

For the majority of women, it takes a considerable amount of effort to look completely put together. The bright side: If she’s putting for the effort to look fantastic for you, she’s definitely very into you.

The Secrets

She’s Probably Pictured Your Future Together
Not in an obsessive, over-the-top way, but it’s a safe bet to think your girlfriend probably thought about what your future would look like soon after she met you. This could include your wedding, future children, what it would be like to grow old together. You can pick her brain about it, but there is a good chance she won’t talk about dreams of your future together until you’re in a stable relationship. Then she’ll feel safe enough to share.

She Likes Her Independence
Everyone likes to be take care of from time to time, but a lot of women still want to feel like they can stand on their own two feet. She may not always tell you about this need because she may worry you will think you are not meeting her needs or caring for her enough, but really this is more about what makes her happy and less about your ability to provide for her.

She’s Not Comfortable with Your “Work Wife” Situation
Your wife or girlfriend may say it doesn’t bother her that you’re so close with one of the women your work with, but chances are she might actually have an issue with it. While opposite sex friends can be totally platonic and fine, referring to a female co-worker as your work wife may cause your significant other to experience feelings of isolation and resentment. These are feelings she’s not overly likely to cop to, because she won’t want to negatively impact the friendship you share with your co-worker.

Want to know how she really feels? Take your time and check-in with her about things. Women are always more likely to spill their secrets if you show that you’re interested.