How to Text a Woman So She’ll Want You

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How to Text a Woman So She’ll Want You

Making a woman like you through text messaging is easy when you use these 10 tips. Don’t take our word for it, though, try if for yourself.

1. Text at night.

If you like a woman, and you are comfortable with texting her, your best bet would be to text at night. This already gives you an edge that you need. There’s something appealing about texting late at night when everything is quiet, dark, and mysterious.

2. Choose the right time to text.

If you don’t want to text her at night, find a good time to text her during the day. Make sure you choose a time where you know she’ll be available and not busy with work, friends, or family.

3. Choose a specific time frame to text.

When we say that, we mean after you decide when to text her, decide how long you’ll text. If you choose a good time and text at that time regularly, it’ll be your regular thing, and she’ll come to appreciate your texts and anticipate it.

4. Don’t think about it.

There’s no right or wrong way to text a woman. When you send the first message, it should be short, sweet, and practical.

5. Always start with a short message.

If you’ve been talking to her for a while, you don’t need a reason to text her. You can just send her a random, “Hey!” and the conversation will flow from there.

6. Keep it short and simple.

Instead of trying to come up with something elaborate and drawn out to talk about, focus on something that will make her do all the texting. Ask her a few simple questions and she’ll start responding to rapid fire!

7. Give her a cute nickname.

If you want the relationship to go to the next step, you need to create a personal connection between the two of you. The best way you can do that by giving her a pet name. Personalize the relationship both of you share and it’ll bring both of you closer.

8. Don’t always flirt.

Even if she knows you already like her, stop flirting with her every chance you can. It’s just going to bore her if all you do is try to flirt with her. Send her texts about everyday activities and let her see that you’re interested in knowing more about her and her life.

9. Flirt when you do get the chance.

Every now and then, you’re going to find the perfect chance to flirt with her. Wait for that particular moment when the conversation is going well. Give her a compliment and when she responds, you can tease her. It’s a good excuse to challenge her and flirt. It’ll always work in your favor.

10. Don’t be afraid to get naughty from time to time.

But as always you should be vague. That is if you already know what it is that she wants to hear. This is your chance to play it safe or get naughty depending on the way she texts back.