Chemistry in a Relationship is Great, But is It Ever Enough?

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Chemistry in a Relationship is Great, But is It Ever Enough?

In the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s full of incredible emotions and feelings that leave you speechless and sometimes even breathless. Your whole body is buzzing with this positive energy that you can’t seem ever to get enough.

This feeling is almost like a drug, and you’ve got to have more of it on a regular basis — people don’t say they are love sick for any reason, right?
Unfortunately, this incredible feeling doesn’t last forever, and when this intoxicating feeling fades away, people are left feeling like something is wrong, and the person you were so taken with now gets on your last nerve.

At this stage, one of three things usually happens:
1. You’ll end the relationship.
2. You settle, but grow increasingly frustrated.
3. You decide to work on the relationship to make it better and stronger.

First of all, you should never decide just to settle for anything. Why be in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere and leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unhappy? No, the second option is definitely out of the question.

So, instead, you are left with option 1 and option 3. The choice you will make depends on whether you feel like a relationship with the other person is worth the time and energy that may be required to get things back on track. Do you want to spend a significant amount of time trying to rekindle that spark you once felt for one another? If so, great! You can start making those steps toward nurturing that spark so that it turns into a flame that burns hotter and stronger than before.
You can do that by realizing that chemistry, alone, isn’t enough to make a relationship work. For the relationship to work, both parties have to be invested in making it work. Real love takes place when that fiery passion subsides, and you can accept one another for the person they are and what they bring out in you.

What a lot of couples fail to understand is that a relationship based on real love takes a lot of work from both people. It demands that both people put the other person first, being each other’s support system, and being open to the idea of sacrificing some things so that their partner’s needs are being met.

Have you ever looked at the relationship of an older couple who have been together for decades? Just imagine what sort of sacrifices had to have been made for their relationship to last so long. Yes, it will be difficult to make those sacrifices, but if you love someone, those sacrifices are well worth it.

When that chemistry fades away, what else have you got at the end of the day? With time and plenty of hard work, it is possible to build a life with someone that is fulfilling and satisfying. No one ever said that love would be an easy thing, but anything worthy rarely comes quickly.