5 Naughty Games to Play with Your Boyfriend to Keep Things Fresh

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5 Naughty Games to Play with Your Boyfriend to Keep Things Fresh

The longer you’re in a relationship, the more repetitive things will become. That’s just par for the course. However, to breathe a bit of freshness into your sex life, try these fun games to play in bed with your boyfriend and see how things change.

1. Time Bomb
With this game, you need a timer or use the clock on your smartphone. To play, choose a block of time, like 30 minutes or so, and for that time frame, you choose a single act of foreplay to engage in for those 30 minutes. Whatever you do, absolutely no penetration until the timer goes off. The buildup is going to make sex so much more pleasing!

2. Wear Each Other’s Clothes
This isn’t like the previous game, but it can be fun to dress up like your partner from head to toe. This includes underwear, shoes, cologne, perfume, and accessories. Then while wearing each other’s clothing, role play as each other. Now, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a game, so don’t do/say anything hurtful!

3. Blind Fold
With this game, you’re going to need a blind fold, a scarf, or anything else that will cover the eyes. When your partner is wearing the blind fold, lead them somewhere (it doesn’t have to be the bedroom, it can be anywhere!) and slowly, seductively, teasingly ravish him. You are in control here, so you’re calling all the shots. Whatever you do, let his body’s response guide you to what you do next.

4. Strip Tease 20 Questions
This is a game where you don’t need anything except yourselves and some alcohol. What you do is ask each other a personal question about yourself. If they get it wrong, they have to remove an article of clothing and take a shot. You can make it a little steamier by ripping/cutting old clothes off of the other person.

5. Naughty Girl
To play this game, you’re going to need a brush, a belt, or even just bare hands. To play the game, you have to tell your partner everything you’ve done wrong today. Maybe you cut off someone on the freeway. Maybe you had a candy bar during Lent. Whatever you felt like “wrong,” you tell it to your partner. Then, bend over his lap (or kneel over the side of the bed) and receive your spankings. These spankings aren’t intended to hurt you, but they will get the blood flowing to your nether regions, which will be alert for fun times.

When it comes to coming up with new and fun ways to spice up your sex life, you’re only limited by your imagination. If you are interested in something new, discuss it with your partner. You may be surprised that you want to create games to play in bed and will help you come up with ideas too!