Secret Signs that Someone Is Really Crushing On You

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Secret Signs that Someone Is Really Crushing On You

Do you have someone who’s in your life but they send you mixed signals? One day they are being friendly, the next they are flirty, then they just go cold. Are you totally baffled by all of this and you can’t figure out where you stand? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. There are countless other people in your situation. Never fear, we have a bunch of signs that will help you determine whether they are into you or you’re just friends.

1. They compliment you regularly. It isn’t always going to be outright and obvious, they are trying to conceal their feelings.

2. They notice the small stuff. There aren’t many people who notice when you get a half inch trimmed off of your hair.

3. They often start a conversation with you. They are always trying to start a conversation with you. They do this because they like you — a lot.

4. They ask you to hang out. When they are the one to ask you out for coffee, drinks, or anything else that requires you spending time together, well… They’re trying to spend time with you, of course!

5. You notice them watching you. Have you ever noticed that they seem to be transfixed on you, even when you’re nowhere near them? When they make a point to look and watch you, they are crushing.

6. They never ask about your partner, if you have one. If you’re dating someone and you’re friends with them, they never ask about your other half or seem to tune you out when you mention your partner.

7. They ask about your family. People who want to know how your family is, they are showing you that they like you and care about what’s going on in your life.

8. They ask you deep questions. Forget the frivolous questions that other friends may ask when someone has a crush on you, they’ll ask you the pressing questions that no one else even thinks to ask.

9. They joke about dating you. We aren’t saying they’ll make mean jokes, but they’ll start statements like, “if you were my girlfriend…” or something like “I’d totally take you to…”

10. You learn that they’ve been talking about you to other people. When you have mutual friends, the person who crushes on you will probably start talking about you to mutual friends.

11. They are at your beckoned call. Whenever you ask for their help, they are there by your side no questions asked. When they do get close to you, they might even find little reasons to touch you.

12. You two always end up together… Alone. Somehow no matter what you two have plans to do anything with a group of friends, something happens, and you two end up alone together.