A Guide to Dating Women While Using Technology

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A Guide to Dating Women While Using Technology

According to an article published in the New York Times called “The End of Courtship” where it discusses how millennials are less likely to go on a legitimate date and tend to favor the laid-back option of just hanging out. The article also highlights that instead of asking to plan a date, they simply send a text out of the blue, asking if the other person wants to meet up.

Before, you would meet someone, ask them out for a cup of coffee and get to know one another. Now? It seems like you don’t even get that opportunity because anything you want to know about someone can be found online, thanks to Google and the plethora of social media accounts a person can have.


Don’t get us wrong, texting isn’t bad—in fact, it is a great way to get things out in the open without having to commit to a conversation and what not. However, as much as we like the ease of it, women still bemoan when men aren’t direct, but when men do try to be more upfront by calling, it makes some women uncomfortable because it is seen as too aggressive.

This also relies heavily on the type of woman she is and the kind of man you are. Perhaps a phone call could be all that you need to do if you want to get a date. If so, you could be one of the last of their kind. In truth, there isn’t a clear rule of what would be the better way to solidify that coveted date.

You might be wondering what you should do if you did have a date with someone and you both had an incredible time. Should you text them? Should you call them? It’s not as simple as you might think. Some people say that it’s quite alright to send a text message letting them know that you enjoyed yourself. Others would say that by sending a text so soon after the date because it is seen as being too clingy it’s just too much too soon. So, this one is pretty much a personal choice.


A lot of people will tell you that you should avoid talking too much about your past while on the first date. With technology, it doesn’t have to be talked about because they can learn everything they want to on social media. Prior to you even telling them, they can learn that you’ve several siblings, traveled to South America, and aired some dirty laundry on Twitter. By leaving so much of yourself online in these social media outlets, anything you put out there can come into the light—even that crazy stuff you did in college.


Twitter may seem like a great option, but you only have 160 characters to share your inner feelings with someone. It would be much easier if you just send a text.


Think of Snapchat as a way to sext without having it come back at you sometime down the road. You can keep those naughty pictures private by setting a timer so they “self-destruct” after a certain period of time.