12 Things that a Woman Says vs. What She Really Means

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12 Things that a Woman Says vs. What She Really Means

You know what they say about men and women being from two different planets, that is especially evident in the way they communicate. When a woman says something, you may think it sounds pretty straightforward, but no, it could mean something completely different.

Here is a collection of common things a woman may say and here is what it most likely means.

1. Fine. You know when she just says, “Fine” and nothing else? Everything is definitely not fine, but she doesn’t want to discuss it anymore.

2. Go ahead, do whatever you want. She doesn’t actually mean do what you want. She’s just testing your judgment and seeing if you are going to act on her feelings in mind (in other words, if you think she wouldn’t approve, but you do it anyway, you’ll be on thin ice when you get home).

3. I need some space. Get away from her. Don’t text. Don’t call. Don’t even comment on her Facebook status.

4. I’m not really hungry. When she says this, she might not be hungry, but if you eat and offer, she won’t turn it down.

5. I just want a man who has the ability to make me laugh. Sure, she may want a man that makes her laugh, but if you’re a 30-year-old living in your parent’s basement and don’t have two pennies to rub together, you needn’t apply.

6. Now that’s a creeper. You aren’t cute enough for her to be flattered by the attention you’re giving her. In fact, she’s rather creeped out.

7. It’s just whatever. This is a lot like when she says, “Fine.” In fact, whatever the discussion was about is probably a touchy subject and it is actually something quite important to her.

8. I don’t want to ruin the great friendship we have. If she ever says this to you, especially when you’re trying to be romantic, you may as well quit while you’re ahead. Why? Because you’re never going to get any further than the friend zone

9. You’re forgiven. When she tells you this, she may actually have forgiven you for whatever you’ve done, and she may be okay with living with it. However, she will remind you about “that one time” every chance she gets.

10. Does this dress make me look like a sausage? When she says this or any other variation of this line, you better say she looks amazing. If you say anything else, well… Be prepared to get the cold shoulder for the rest of the night.

11. I’m tired. This doesn’t mean she wants to be talked into sex — it actually means that she’s tired, wants to go to bed, and she doesn’t want to feel anything poking her. Period.

12. What’d you say? If she says this and you repeat it, you’re an idiot. She’s giving you a chance to redact whatever moronic thing you said and avoid a huge fight. This is your get out of jail free card. Use it!