Are Pheromones Our Body’s Natural Love Potion or is it Just a Hype?

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Are Pheromones Our Body’s Natural Love Potion or is it Just a Hype?

As a species, humans may never understand how love really works. It’s this crazy emotion that can bring the strongest man down to his knees, or it can make you feel like you’re walking on air. It’s a complicated emotion that is different from one person to the next. However, there isn’t any use to deny that when you know, you’re in love, it feels incredible.

Scientists have credited this incredible phenomenon to pheromones, which are chemicals inside of our bodies that is produced to attract members of the opposite sex. Humans aren’t the only creatures that produce this intoxicating scent, but you have to wonder if it affects other species like it does us.

What Are Pheromones?

If you want to know how pheromones really work, we first have to understand what exactly they are. In short, it is a scent that creates a sexual response in our brain that signals attraction. Pheromones are how we attract people, and they are secreted from the glands in the genital region. They are also produced from the underarms as well as that clear liquid that oozes from our navels. Sexy right?

These areas will create a scent that stimulates the senses. Pheromones were believed to be a species meant to secure reproduction and keep the species alive and thriving. If the scent that you smell is good to you, it’s going to tell you that the person is healthy and they’re a prime candidate to make babies with.

It’s almost impossible to override these feelings because that chemical is so strong, it’ll make you do things that you normally wouldn’t — like have sex with random people. This happens because the pheromones make your libido go crazy.

There is no doubt that some people are going to find some people more attractive than other folks. However, there’s also no doubt that there are going to be some people who ooze these sexy scents more than others. It makes you wonder if the reason we are attracted to someone is that of those pesky pheromones, their personality, or other factors. More often than not, it’s probably a combination of all three.

Are pheromones really responsible for manipulating the opposite sex’s feelings?

Once pheromones were discovered, there have been many people who thought that they could replicate the same effects. They would make the synthetic pheromones and claim that their product will make the opposite sex lose their composure if they were to smell the scent.

When it comes to the science behind the production of synthetic pheromones, there’s still been quite a bit of skepticism. However, we can’t deny that when you cross someone’s path that smells really good, you can’t help but do a double-take.

What do the scientists really say about pheromones?

There’re a few scents available on the market today that uses a bit more than simple theory to show that their fragrances work like a love potion. Even still, if you wanted to use scientific studies to figure out how pheromones work, the findings would be highly debated. Researchers will say the way our pheromones work has very little to do with how attractive someone is. Remember, although pheromones are a chemical response, there are going to be so many other factors that will come into play when determining if we want to get intimate with them.