The Best Stories of People Who’ve Hooked Up Online

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The Best Stories of People Who’ve Hooked Up Online

When you hear stories about people meeting someone from an online dating site, it usually turns into a story that makes you wonder if online dating is for you.

For every horror story out there of a first date gone wrong, there are stories where people do hit it off upon meeting, thanks to online dating.

If you need your faith in online dating restored, keep reading because here are a few stories from women who have had great experiences with online dating — even if it just resulted in a brief interlude.

1. Memorable Moments in the Men’s Restroom

Sheri, 29: During those “Tinder Moments” where you’d post a photo that acted as a status and all of your matches could see your picture, my best friend and I would plan our nights using that feature. We’d post a sexy picture of us together on a Saturday night and ask Tinder, “Do you want to party with us?” We’d then weigh our options and choose which guys to meet with. Most of the time this failed miserably, but one night I got lucky.

We met a guy that was matched with my friend and his friend. The guys were from out of town and hailed from the south. We teased them about it. I went to the bathroom the same time as her match and within no time, we started making out by the bathrooms. One hot and steamy kiss quickly led to another, and we were getting busy in the men’s bathroom. I still haven’t told my friend about it.

2. You Had a Bad Day

Trish, 24: The best s…x I’ve ever had came from a spur of the moment hookup, thanks to an online site. We’ve been talking for a couple of weeks, and I thought he was sexy as hell, but I wasn’t in any hurry to meet him. Then one day I had a really crappy day at work, my ex was bothering me, and I just wanted to have a few drinks with someone. I sent my online guy a message and saw if he wanted to meet up for a few drinks.
When we were sitting in front of each other, he was a lot different than what I thought he was. He was so much more attractive than I thought. A few tequilas later, we got into the cab, and we couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off of each other. Needless to say, the next few sexy hours were a lot of fun!”

3. A Pleasant Surprise in the Kitchen

Caitlyn, 28: I was well versed in how online dating worked and I was on numerous sites. My friend convinced me to join another one, BeNaughty. At first, I didn’t take the whole thing seriously, but then I came across Michael’s profile. We hit it off and ultimately decided to meet up. We met for drinks, and I was pleasantly surprised because his profile or picture didn’t do him any justice. He was everything that he presented himself to be online, and I was smitten. When it was time to go, he dropped me off att my door and kissed me softly goodnight. I invited him inside, and we had s…x in the kitchen on every counter. The best part is, we’re still dating!