Mixed Signals: How to Turn Those Mixed Signals Into Something More

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Mixed Signals: How to Turn Those Mixed Signals Into Something More

Getting mixed signals from someone you like can be frustrating, but with these tips, you’ll be able to handle them like a pro.

1. Play Along
The absolute first thing you can do to end the vicious cycle of mixed signals is by ending it. Do you feel like someone is checking you out sometimes but then avoids making eye contact with you other times? Or does the person you like to flirt with you like crazy one day and the next they ignore you? Instead of going crazy trying to understand why they do what they are doing, just sit back and don’t pay it any mind.

2. Challenge them from time to time.
Until now, you may have been at the mercy of this flirty person. That is, until now. When they try to flirt with you, act disinterested or ignore them. When you do that, you’re letting them know that you aren’t some plaything that they can get attention from whenever they want. Sure, they might ignore you for a few days, but by taking control of the situation, you are now making them vie for your affection, not the other way around.

3. Don’t have an outburst.
It doesn’t matter how frustrating mixed signals can be, you should never act out or confront that person. Although they may be sending you mixed signals, you don’t know for certain that they like you. By having an outburst and forcing them to confirm or deny an attraction, you could put them in a position they are uncomfortable with and just wash their hands of the whole situation entirely.

4. Take a few steps back and take a good look at the signs.
Before you really get upset and act out, think about what is going on. Are they sending you mixed signals or are you just misinterpreting them? It’s easy to think someone is flirting with you when all they are doing is being nice, especially if you have a crush on them. You’re awesome so it would make perfect sense that they are flirting! Right? Wrong. Sometimes people are just nice, and that’s it.

5. Don’t fall head over heels for this person just yet.
You might like this person, but you don’t want to become completely smitten until you know exactly how they feel. Some people are so cruel that they give off mixed signals just for their own amusement. Until you know their true feelings, you have to keep yours in check.

6. Don’t tell anyone else about the situation.
If you’re getting mixed signals from someone, you don’t want to go around advertising it. Think of these mixed signals as a private game between you and the other person. We recommend that you continue living your life like nothing significant is going on in the background. IN fact, we suggest that you actively pursue others, either in person or on an online dating site. Doing this will help you keep your feelings about the person giving you those mixed signals in check.

Mixed signals suck, but when you don’t go over the deep end and read too far into them too soon, they can be fun. You just have to know how to handle the situation!