5 Ways to Boost Your Dating Confidence

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5 Ways to Boost Your Dating Confidence

Dating can be hard on your self-confidence. Whether you are just diving back into dating or you’ve been on the dating scene for years, it can definitely impact how you feel about yourself.

Confidence is also really key to finding a healthy, stable relationship. Suffering from poor self-esteem can actually cause you to seek out dates and partners who might not be worthy of all you have to offer.

Gaining confidence is definitely easier said than done, but there are lots of ways out there to give yourself a little boost as you embark on your dating adventures.

1. If You Look Good, You’ll Feel Good

Pick out clothes that make you look good, but make sure they are also comfortable. It can be tempting to wear your highest heels or that dress that hugs your curves, but if you aren’t comfortable in those clothes for at least a few hours, you might end up miserable. Instead, find a few date outfits you can wear with ease and feel fantastic in. Confidence on the outside will lead to confidence on the inside.

Bonus tip: Splurge on some new makeup or a new curling iron. Having something new to spruce up with can make getting ready a bit more fun.

2. Be Yourself

It can be super tempting to hide all your flaws on the first date, but it’s best to avoid hiding big parts of who you really are. Being honest about who you are and what you want can help you find the right partner.

If you struggle to be your “true” self, try to make a list of what your favorite qualities are about yourself. Spend some time thinking about those attributes that you love about yourself. When you’re ready to go on your date, release your inner goddess, and show off all you have to offer. You have value, so don’t forget it.

3. Practice Trusting Yourself

Even if you aren’t on a date, get in the habit of trusting yourself to make the right decision. You can start with small things, like choosing where to go for lunch or what to do with friends.

The awesome thing about trusting yourself? It may also impact your ability to establish good boundaries. Boundaries are a great way to show that you have confidence in yourself and healthy boundaries lead to healthy relationships.

4. Remember: It’s Okay If It Doesn’t Work Out

Many women have a tendency to assume they did something wrong when a date doesn’t call. It’s best to remember if a guy doesn’t call, it’s not personal. Really, it means that the guy wasn’t the right fit, and that’s okay, because you deserve someone who sees how awesome you are right of the bat.

5. Don’t Worry About What Your Date is Thinking

This one could sound completely counter-intuitive, but if you spend the whole date thinking he doesn’t like you, it can be really difficult to shake those negative thoughts and fears. Instead of focusing on what bad things he might be picking up on, try reminding yourself of all you have to offer.

Dating and confidence can be two tricky topics to navigate, but with these strategies, you will be well on your way to feeling good about yourself and ready to find the right person.