Second Date Ideas That are Both Naughty and Fun

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Second Date Ideas That are Both Naughty and Fun

So the first date went off well, and the chemistry between the two of you is so palpable that it was a challenge saying goodbye to one another without wanting to rip each other’s clothes off. Or, maybe it wasn’t quite that intense, but the sexual chemistry was still there.

You may be wondering what are some great second date ideas that will seal the deal and ensure that you’ll be getting lucky the next time you hang out. Well, ask and ye shall receive, because here are some naughty date ideas that will let your date know exactly what is the game plan for the evening.

Take Her to an Erotic Film

Going to the movies isn’t the best choice for a first date; however, for the second date, it is a bit more acceptable. Why? Because you’ve spent the first date getting to know her and you don’t have to feel quite as awkward. Plus, when you’re sitting in the back row of a movie where there is plenty of making out going on on-screen, your date will likely be as turned on as you are and chances are she’ll be open to your advances.

Visit a Spa

Going to the spa may not be the top of your date list, but if you take a woman there whom you’d want to see naked, here’s your chance! This is a highly effective way of later getting intimate with a woman because she’ll be relaxed, you’ll both be naked, and you’ll both be much more comfortable with the idea of getting intimate as a result. Keep in mind; you may want to refrain from getting too intimate while at the spa, not only for sanitary reasons, it might be awkward if someone joins the whirlpool with you and your date mid-pet.

Participate in a Couple’s Massage Session

You don’t always have to make it to the spa to get yourselves pampered. You could book a couple’s massage session. This date idea will let you see each other in the nude (or close to it) and let her know that you’re incredibly turned on by her and feel relaxed around her. If you want to take it to another level, book a tantric massage session where you can enjoy and explore your sexuality together.

Dancing at a Salsa Club

We all know that the way you move on the dance floor is a good indication of how you’ll move in bed. If you are smooth with your hip movement while standing, then your date will be able to envision your moves in between the sheets. Ah, but what if you’ve already had sex on the first date? It doesn’t matter! When you take her dancing on a second date, you’re still going to have a high chance of getting some action on the second date because dancing is like a natural aphrodisiac to women. It’s unexplainable, but it works!

Go to a Strip Club or Maybe a Burlesque Show

Depending on how bold your date is, you could either take her to a strip club (which tends to be the in-your-face option) or a burlesque show (which is the most artistic option). If you are hoping to show your date the fun times that could be had without clothing, there’s nothing wrong with ogling a few naked bodies. Keep in mind; you might only want to suggest this date to a woman who is open minded about sex and her sexuality. Otherwise, she may become offended.

Spoil Her for 24 Hours

So you’re really into this woman, and you want to have some naughty fun with her. What better way to let her know how much you’re digging her than by spoiling her silly for 24 hours? You can do this by taking her to the spa, giving her a sensual massage, preparing a delicious meal, and cozying up on the couch with a few romantic movies. These things, if all go without a hitch, can set her in an amorous mood that will only be to your benefit.

Skinny Dipping Like Kids

If you have an in-ground pool or live near a beach, here’s your chance to go skinny dipping under the stars. Not only is this a fun date idea, but it is a great way to see each other naked and get the gears going that will make sex by the water all that much more plausible. Keep in mind that the swimming part of the date should be kept a secret—you don’t want her to come prepared with a bathing suit. In the worst case scenario, she’ll dive in with her undergarments on, but, if you dive in nude, she’ll probably follow suit.

Go on a Road Trip

Chances are you’ve talked to her, shared a connection, and might have even made out on the first date. So if she’s agreed to go out with you again, she’s probably sure you aren’t some crazy person out to get her. Use this as an opportunity to take her on an adventure. Pick a spot on a map and go for a drive. It doesn’t matter where you drive to, just as you both have fun and keep things flirty. You might be able to pull off for a quickie somewhere along the way.