5 Salacious Ideas That Add Some Sizzle to Your Naughty Date Night

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5 Salacious Ideas That Add Some Sizzle to Your Naughty Date Night

If you’re in a new relationship or even a long term one, making time for your partner is crucial to connect with one another on a date. This is especially important if you both have hectic schedules that are full of work obligations, household chores, social obligations, and familial obligations.

You shouldn’t dismiss the importance of spending that quality time with your significant other because, in the end, that’s one of the biggest components of keeping the relationship together.
Before you even plan your date night, there are some rules that you both should adhere to. Perhaps the most important rule is that you won’t fight with one another; no matter if you aren’t the happiest with your partner at the time.

All that negativity can be dealt with another day; date night is intended to nurture the connection and love you feel for one another, not rehash last night’s argument. With that said, try not discussing topics that leave one of you feeling like they are put on the spot. Try to keep the mood light and jovial—it’s a date after all!

Now that you’re ready to approach the date with a positive outlook, here are some date ideas that will bring back a little bit of the spice that might be lacking from your relationship.

1. Play the pick-up artist.

Although may already be together, there is nothing better than being picked up by someone at the bar. To do this, you both adopt a different persona. It could be that of someone completely different than yourself or just a better version of the person you want to be; it doesn’t matter. Go to the bar separately and approach one another as though you are meeting for the first time. With this little game of intrigue, you can be as coy, flirtatious, or mysterious as you want. Just play it cool and have fun.

2. Role play.

Expanding on the previous date idea, here is your chance to finally be that circus performer who was exiled and now wanders the world alone. Or, you can be that incredibly successful CEO, who has a weird armpit fetish. Whatever roles you choose, you have to pretend to be those people for the entire night. How would the CEO impress the circus performer to get them into their bedroom? Now is your chance to act out your fantasy, no matter what it is (just be sure your partner is on board).

3. Amp up the kinky play.

You can never go wrong in spicing up your date with a bit of kink play. This doesn’t mean you should automatically whip out the BDSM gear and dive in straight away, but you could certainly think outside the box. How? Do some heavy petting while out at a fancy dinner with a white table cloth, have a quickie in the park late at night, or maybe even buy a new sex toy (or two). These things are a great way get your juices flowing and keep the excitement alive.

4. Dressing up isn’t just for kids.

Ladies now is your chance to pull out that sexy lingerie that you have in the back of your drawer. Whether it be a black satin panty and bra set, a tight corset that accentuates your curves and bust beautifully, or maybe wear that form fitting dress with nothing underneath. While out on your date, seduce your man. Become that sexual huntress that you can be and work his hot spots that will make him want to rip your clothes off even before dinner arrives. Fellas, when it comes to dressing up for you, it’s not always about the type of underwear you choose, but choosing not to wear any is what will get her attention. By going commando with a nice pair of khakis that hugs you in just the right way, you better believe she’ll notice and anticipate what’s about to go down once you get home.

5. Try an unconventional date.

Too often when you’ve been with someone for so long, you start to recycle date ideas. In the past, how frequently have you gone to the movies and the same restaurant over the course of your courtship? How many times have you went bowling or played mini-golf? Instead of doing these things, look for exciting activities or cool new classes that you could take together. Or, if you can’t think of anything new, try putting a new spin on a classic. For example, instead of going to the usual steak house for dinner, try a new type of cuisine that neither person has tried. By trying something new, you’re getting out of your comfort zone adding a bit of excitement to the date that you otherwise may not have experienced.