50 Things That Mean a Lot to Men That Women Don’t Realize

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50 Things That Mean a Lot to Men That Women Don’t Realize

Ladies, this one is just for you. Here’re 50 things that mean a lot to your man and let him know that they are important to you.

1. When you respond to their text messages within seconds.
2. You listen to all the music they love.
3. His life story is interesting to you.
4. You eat everything that he cooks for you.
5. You cook for him – food is the quickest way to appeal to his heart.
6. You don’t pry into his past right away.
7. When he kisses you in a way you don’t like, you don’t correct him.
8. You touch his arm.
9. You touch his arm in front of his friends.
10. You touch his arm in front of your friends.
11. You barely check your phone when he’s around.
12. You wear one of his shirts around his place.
13. You catch him staring at you.
14. You offer date ideas.
15. You laugh a lot outside.
16. You don’t overreact — to anything.
17. You turn on each man around.
18. You drink beer like a guy.
19. When you write to him, you’ll use his name every now and then.
20. When you’re with him and talking to him, you use his name.
21. You love your family.
22. You remind him that he loves his family, too.
23. You put your hand on his knee whenever you’re in the car.
24. You put your hand on his knee whenever you’re sitting at a table.
25. You put your hand behind his neck when you’re sitting in the car.
26. He rests his hand on your knee when you’re driving around.
27. You hold his hand when you’re riding with him.
28. There is respect when it comes to your ex.
29. There is respect when it comes to his ex.
30. You might hold the popcorn in the theaters, but you tip it his way.
31. You don’t ask to look at his phone or his laptop.
32. You can leave your phone lying around because you trust him.
33. He makes you laugh, and you lock eyes with his.
34. You make him laugh.
35. You make him laugh, and he locks eyes with yours.
36. You ask to see pictures of him when he was little.
37. All the hurt and pain you’ve felt in your life, you don’t mind sharing everything with him.
38. You buy him a drink.
39. Your dog loves him.
40. Your cat loves him.
41. You bring him coffee without him asking for it.
42. He comes home with a small gift from you.
43. You buy him flowers.
44. You tell him that you want to go with him when he goes fishing.
45. You can hold your alcohol.
46. You compliment him — no matter what it is about.
47. During sex, you always call out his name.
48. You can laugh with him during sex.
49. You tell him that you miss him.
50. You leave money on his nightstand to mess with him.