How to Be Sexy for Your Partner

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How to Be Sexy for Your Partner

One of the most common reasons that women give for a lull in ‘bedroom activities’ is that they simply don’t feel ‘sexy’, which makes it hard for them to get into the right mood for intimacy. Unless you’re one of very few people for whom ‘sexiness’ comes easily, you might feel you need a little help getting your head in the game, so we thought we’d put together a few tips for making yourself feel super sexy again.

Pamper Yourself

It can be quite difficult to feel sexy if you’re wearing the same clothes you wear day in, day out, and if you’ve not had time to have your hair/nails/waxing done (or whatever else you do to maintain your appearance) then getting naked is probably the last thing on your mind! Treat yourself to a few hours of pampering, be that at home or in a salon, to buff, pluck and polish your way back to feeling sexy again.

New Undies

Let’s be real – even on the rare occasion that us ladies treat ourselves to some new, sexy underwear, it’s not long before they make it into the regular rotation of daily underthings, or even consigned to the back of the drawer for being too uncomfortable! Treat yourself to some new, MATCHING, well-fitting underwear and you’ll be amazed at the effect it can have on your mood.

Get In the Mood

If your brain is full of the usual daily stuff – work, family, bills, chores, etc. then it can be next to impossible to get yourself into the mindset of sexiness. Take some time to read a racy novel, watch something saucy on the TV (Colin Firth as Mr. Darcey is always a winner!) or even send your beau a few private messages about what you’d like them to do to you later on. Thinking about sex, or even seeing it, is sometimes all you need to feel sexier yourself!

Invest in Your Bedroom

Feeling sexy in the bedroom can be just as much about your surroundings as it can be about you as a person, and if your bedroom in is need of some TLC it can be a huge distraction. Clear your room of piles of laundry, treat yourself to some new sheets and bedding and maybe add some lamps for mood lighting. Making your room more conducive to lovemaking will definitely keep your head in the game.

Remember He Loves You!

So many women convince themselves that they aren’t sexy and then project those feelings onto their partner. The chances are, however, that your other half fancies the pants off of you and would love nothing more than the chance to see you naked more often! Remembering that you’re desired in this way is a great start in feeling sexier in yourself. Ask your lover to write a list of the things he likes about your body and bear these in mind when you have moments of self-doubt.