Help! Where Can I Find Someone To Date?

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Help! Where Can I Find Someone To Date?

Thanks to the technology that we now have, the internet and online dating websites are incredible places to meet singles. You can create an account to the many sites out there, fill out a profile, browse the site and send a few messages. Then? Then you can go about the rest of your day without missing a beat.

However, you might want to increase your chances of meeting someone by doing a little traditional means of meeting people. But, where can you go to meet local singles that don’t include bad music being played in a dark bar or nightclub?

Keep reading because we have a few ideas of how to meet someone outside of a bar!

1. The Airport
Whether you are hanging out in the lounge, one of the many restaurants, or just waiting to board a plane, chances are you’ll find someone to talk to.

2. The Farmer’s Market
The Farmer’s Market is a great place to meet singles and get some fresh produce. Simply walk up to someone who is checking out a piece of produce and ask if they know any delicious recipes if you’re looking for an ice breaker.

3. Ikea
It doesn’t have to be Ikea, as any store will do. You can approach someone which furniture style best fits into the contemporary style, or ask which finish looks best. Heck, you could even turn your chance meeting into a date while you’re at it!

4. Church
If you’re a religious person to date a like-minded individual, then church is a great option. Attend one of the functions at your local church and be open minded to what may (or may not) happen.

5. Your Friends/Family
Okay, maybe blind dates are a little juvenile, but if you turn to your friends or family to help you out on your quest to meet someone, you can trust that they won’t set you up with someone who is completely wrong for you. Hopefully, at least.

6. An Intense Fitness Class
There’s nothing like getting hot and sweaty with someone who is nearly naked. Who ever thought the gym could be a precursor to meeting someone you may bone?

7. Public Transportation
This is especially good if you live in a metro area because chances are you will see the same people around the same time of day, as they will probably be going to work too. Chatting up someone new is a great way to spend a boring transit.

8. Networking Events
Obviously, if you are attending one of these events, then of course you are going to meet someone! Make sure you look your best so you can impress!

9. Music Festivals
Many people bond with their significant others through music, so it would make sense that you can meet a potential partner at a music festival. If there are multiple bands and genres playing, you may meet someone who will introduce you to new and awesome music, too!

10. Volunteering
Deciding to give back some of your time and energy to the community is always a sexy trait in anyone, so it’s no wonder why many singles will volunteer their time. You get to kill two birds with one stone — give back to the community and maybe meet someone special. Score!