What to Text a Man If You Want to Make The First Move

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What to Text a Man If You Want to Make The First Move

Say goodbye to those days when you waited around for a man to approach you and make the first move. Ladies are much more confident than ever before and they are asking guys out. However, even the most confident of women can be a little hesitant about asking a guy out. Thanks to texting, women find it much easier asking him out.

There’s no secret that texting is a primary way we talk to one another, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that many women use this as their way to asking her crush out on a date, especially if you two already converse via texting. One of the biggest problems women have is deciding what she should text so that she lets him know how she feels without having him run for the hills.

To this, we ask some trusted male advisers on the situation and here’s what they had to say.

First of all, there are some ground rules that need to be followed if you are texting a guy:

• Never send texts if he hasn’t responded to the last one. By sending countless texts that aren’t being answered, you’re giving him the “clinger” vibe and that’s a huge turn-off.

• If you want to be in a relationship with him, don’t text him after 12 in the morning, lest you want to mark yourself as a booty call, or worse, desperate.

• You might want to be flirty with a guy, which is totally acceptable. You just don’t want to engage in sexual talk and then expect to be taken seriously afterward.

• When he tells you that he has something he needs to do, don’t text him. It can be really annoying telling a woman that you’ll be unavailable for a period of time, and she continues to text.

• Don’t let the conversation fall flat. When a conversation is failing to keep the guy engaged, he won’t be interested in talking to you anymore, which means a relationship probably isn’t going to be a possibility.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s what you should text:

1. I have wine, a movie, and no one to watch it with. What are your plans for the night?

This is the perfect text to send when he asks what you’re doing for the night. You aren’t being too forward but you’re also letting him know that you want some company.

2. I have two tickets for an awesome concert this weekend, are you free this weekend?

This text lets him know that you are into having fun, you enjoy awesome music and that you are interested in hanging out. Now, you don’t have to say that you bought the tickets specifically for a date with him. Simply by asking him if he is free to go is a clear enough indication that you like him.

3. How about we go out tonight?

This particular text is useful when he says he doesn’t have any plans for the evening, or when he says that his previous plans fell through. Sure, it might be last minute, but he was already going to go out for the night, so he’ll probably be up for it.

4. You know what? I think we could have a fun time together at (some theme park, carnival, festival, etc.).

This is a good message to send if you are a little on the shy side, but are pretty certain that the guy has a thing for them too. With this, you putting the message out there that you like him, and the ball is now in his court.