Stop Doing These 5 Things Because They are Turning Him

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Stop Doing These 5 Things Because They are Turning Him

Don’t be one of those married couples where it feels like you’re roommates more than married spouses. It’s healthy to relax a bit after you say “I do”. However, you don’t want to become so relaxed that it becomes stagnant. Sure, we think that our relationships are secure and will keep going, but once the romance dies, it’s much harder to keep the marital fabric intact.

We conducted a small survey among singles that use online dating what the quickest way to kill the romance in any relationship is. Here are their responses:

1. Bad attitudes. Sadly, there are a great number of women who believe they are princesses and think the world needs to bow down to them. These women complain about the smallest thing, they are rarely satisfied by the small things, they don’t smile, and they just seem to suck the joy out of everything. It doesn’t take long for their bad attitude to rub off on their partner, so it’s not surprising that a bad attitude is a romance killer.

2. You don’t try to look good. Gaining some weight isn’t a big deal, especially since we tend to get more comfortable when we are in a relationship. This doesn’t mean that you should stay in your pajamas all day and forget what the inside of your shower looks like.
We understand that no one is going to be perfect, but there’s something about being with someone who puts a little effort into trying to be attractive to their partner. It can be a difference between a happy marriage and a ho-hum one.

3. You don’t pay attention to each other. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in your career, family, and other interests. People are meant to lead a fulfilling life — even if that can wind up being unbalanced. Too often we take our partners for granted and assume that they’ll always be there. However, when you wake up, and one day they aren’t there, you’ll wonder why. Put down the phone, game controller, or the crafting supplies and just make an effort to spend some time with your partner. They’ll appreciate it.

4. Your sex lives are on the brink of extinction. We’ve all been in one of those moods when we didn’t want sexy time, but our partner did. You don’t want to make this a habit! A relationship isn’t just about sex, yes, but sex helps us to connect with each other. When you take the time to have fun and explore each other in the bedroom, it’ll rekindle that spark. It’s up to you to keep it burning bright.

5. You’ve lost your sense of humor. It’s understandable because of the stresses going on in your life that you’ve adopted a serious demeanor. What you don’t want to do is become so serious that nothing can make you smile. Life is just too short to be serious all the time! Plus, when you laugh with your partner, it only adds to the bond you have and makes it grow stronger.