Why You Could be Wasting Your Time on Him

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Why You Could be Wasting Your Time on Him

Some relationships are not as slick as others and there comes a point where you have to say that enough is enough because the chasing and time wasting is not worth the hassle so what are the signs he will never commit?

There Has Been No Sign of a Date
Any relationship that is going to be a success will require you to spend time together on a date. This could be a trip to the cinema, a meal out, see a show or just a casual stroll along the beach. It is all about spending quality time together and if there has not been any quality time spent together then that is a sign that he may not be into you.

He Talks about His Ex
You want nothing more than to get together but when he starts talking about his ex-girlfriends and how they broke his heart it is perhaps to time to realise that he is not all that. He could also go as far as to explain why they broke up, how long they were together and how he even misses her. If this is the case then your alarm bells should be ringing because he should only have eyes for you if he is the real-deal.

He Makes Contact Every Now and Again
He may only make contact with you once a week or even once a month and this clearly indicates that he is in it for himself. This is because these kinds of messages are only sent when he wants something and it is all done on his terms. When this happens, you should try telling him you are busy because this will soon get the message across to him.

You know nothing about Him
So you have found out a lot about him from FaceBook and other social media sites but you have no idea about who he actually is and what he is into. Even simple things about his family or his interests are things that you need to know but if you have been seeing him for a while and he still feels like a stranger then perhaps he is not for you.

You have Lost Your Temper and He Doesn’t Seem Bothered
There are times in any relationships where two people disagree and start shouting at each other but for those who are in a true and honest relationship the person who is in the wrong will care. For whatever reason you have lost your nerve, you expect him to give you something back. This could be to tell you he is sorry, to put his arm around and you show you he cares but he never does because he doesn’t care. The only reason he sticks around is for one thing and we all know what that is!

So, He Really Doesn’t Care
If you have noticed one or more of the signs above, it could be time to think about ditching your man and looking for someone who does care. A relationships is a two-way thing and it is important that he pays as much attention to you as you deserve.