How to Stop Obsessing Over Him and Move On

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Him and Move On

Look, there is nothing more despairing than finding out that the guy you’ve been crushing on just doesn’t like you like that. Your heart aches, you can’t stop thinking about what could have been, and you’re a wreck. We get that it can be hard to move on, but you have to! By wasting your time pining over someone who doesn’t want you, you could be missing out on someone who does!

So, how can you stop obsessing over a guy? Well, follow these tips and find out!

6 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Him

1. Decide what you want. Do you really want to stop obsessing over him, or are you just more interested in learning how to stop thinking about a guy? There is a difference between the two, although it may not be as clear as you might think.

2. Look for some kind of closure. You shouldn’t ignore that moment when he crushed your heart. Instead, face it head on and accept it. Spend a couple of days lamenting on the disappointment and then pick yourself up by the boot straps and move on.

3. Don’t pretend you don’t know him. If you go to your friends to ask them how to get over missing a guy, they may suggest that you ignore him and forget the whole ordeal. You don’t want to do that because it’s just really petty. Instead, focus on trying to figure out how to be unaffected by it all.

4. Find someone new to think about! If ever you’ve wondered how to stop thinking about someone you like, sometimes it’s as easy as finding someone new to obsess over. Or, if you want to stay away from guys for a while, find something else to focus your attention on. Pick up a new hobby, throw yourself into your work, or even reconnect with your friends. All of these can be a welcome distraction!

5. Stop trying to find ways and reasons to bump into them. While you may have had dreams where you bump into the person and they confess their undying love for you and plead with you to give them the time of day… Chances are it’s not going to work out like that when you see them in real life. So stop trying to come up with reasons to call him or “coincidentally” bump into him at the coffee shop. You know, the very coffee shop that you know he goes to every day before work at 7:45am. Yeah, that one.

6. Don’t focus on their positive traits. You might think he is the bees knees, but in truth, he’s human just like the rest of us. And, like the rest of us, he is going to have some flaws. As much as you may want to romanticize him and believe that he’s awesome (which he very well may be), he isn’t going to be perfect — no one is. Instead of focusing on the positives, remind yourself that he’s human; he’s flawed, and has some bad habits.