How to Talk Dirty and Excite Your Partner

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How to Talk Dirty and Excite Your Partner

There’s more to talking dirty than just telling your partner all the naughty things that you want to do to them. It’s the whole atmosphere that you’ve created while you are talking to them. Keep reading to learn how you can talk dirty to your partner and make them become putty in your hands.

Prepare your voice.

Learning how to sound sexy isn’t just about the words you say or whatever lame lines you may have memorized for your favorite erotic novel. It comes from inside you and just how confident you feel while doing it. Why, if you’re confident enough, regular things that you say like, “I love you,” or “do you like that?” can make your partner quiver with delight.

When you have a low and sultry voice, it can do great things when you’re in bed.

When you adopt this breathy way of talking in the bedroom, you’re able to draw out their anticipation. Combine that with touching their body and whispering what you want to do to them in their ear? Oh yeah, it’ll send them overboard.

Start talking dirty.

How well do you know your partner? If so, you’re well aware of just how naughty they like to get in bed. Talking dirty is a fantastic way to get to your partner’s juices flowing. However, when you’re cooing in your lover’s ear, you’re evoking erotic fantasies in their mind. So when you do get to the final act, it’ll be hard for them to keep their hands off of you.

Mood music.

Play your favorite mood music while getting frisky, and see how you feel when your partner starts making you feel good. Don’t feel like you can’t let out a few moans here or there. A good reason to play that music is to help create a rhythm in between your sheets. So the next time you decide to talk dirty, keep the silence at bay with some mood music.

Choose the best words.

If you really want to know how to sound sexy, you probably shouldn’t take notes from the latest porn flick. In fact, that kind of talk can be a little intimidating, and it could put a damper on the whole thing. Instead, use language that brings you two together. For example, maybe your partner goes by a nickname, but in the middle of sex and they are doing all the right things, use their real name. This sort of connection is great, especially when you say it in a breathy voice.

Don’t forget to moan!

Sure, talking dirty is a lot of fun, but you can’t forget to moan and groan—especially if they are doing everything just right. Sounding sexy in bed is more than just talking, and you can amp up the atmosphere in the bedroom when you’re at the edge of ecstasy and right as you cross that finish line, you let out a low and pleasurable moan. That right there is like magic to anyone’s ears, especially when they are working so hard to please you.