3 Ways to Make Sure He Knows You’re Worth Chasing

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3 Ways to Make Sure He Knows You’re Worth Chasing

Men can be fickle creatures and they like to think that women should just fall at their feet because they are so great. While this may be true, he could be everything that you’ve dreamed of in a man, you want him to recognize that, as great as he may be, you are just as great.

So, how do you get him to realize your awesomeness and want to chase you? Here are three ways that will let him know that you are quite the catch and they should needs to make it his mission to pursue and win you.

  1. Don’t Make Plans on Friday or Saturday

Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for friends, family, and guys you are really into. Should a guy ask you out either of these nights, suggest that you go for an early date instead. Think of him as a warm up for a fun night with the girls. If he agrees and the date goes poorly, at least you’ll have something to gossip about with your friends. However, if the date goes well, you can continue the evening and see where it goes from there!

  1. Let Him Know The Exes Are Heartbroken

You may have always heard that you should never mention the exes on a date. And while this is true, if a guy is showing interest but he isn’t going the distance and asking you out, there is a way around this rule. For instance, have a conversation where you are talking about a friend. You can say something like, “My friend is heartbroken over a recent breakup. I told her that she shouldn’t worry because he will probably want to come back after he realized what he lost. Well… That’s just my experience.” This statement is slick enough because it tells him that you have had this type of situation before. He may even wonder if you are being pursued by an ex now. If he really likes you, he will step up his game tenfold, and quick.

  1. Admit That You Get Hit On

We already know that you’re an amazing woman and the chances of him knowing this are pretty good. What he doesn’t know (or maybe doesn’t want to admit) is that there are other men who think the same. You can clue him in on this little tidbit (even if it isn’t true) the next time he pays you a compliment. For example, if he says that he likes your hairstyle, you can say something like, “Thanks! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this style, but it means so much more when you say it.” But not saying it directly, you are letting his mind wander and of course it will automatically go to the competition.

Men can be stubborn sometimes, but with a little nudge and a game of hard to get, he will wizen up pretty quickly and amp up his game. And if he doesn’t, well then you can cut your losses and go about your way to find someone who will appreciate you.