Why I Don’t Want to Marry Him after Years of Dating

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Why I Don’t Want to Marry Him after Years of Dating

It is common for a lot of people to spend many years with the same person and then come to the realisation that marrying them is not the right choice. The reason for this is different for every person but understanding why you do not want to marry him is a good way to make everything clear. The signs below could help you to understand why you do not want to marry him.

You are Not Truly Happy

This is one of those obvious reasons but in any relationship you have to be happy. This does not mean that you are always smiling and everything is always good because real relationships are not quite like that. This simply means that you are extremely happy being in the relationship that you are in and that you love the person you are with. Happiness forms the basis of any successful relationship and that is why it is so important.

He doesn’t devote all of His Time to You

When you are in a relationship you want the person you are with to give up their time for you. This does not mean every minute of every day because you both need your space but this is about doing things together and being there for one another. If you want to go to the cinema or go for a romantic meal then he should be up for that but if he make excuses on a regular basis then there is no surprise that you are in two minds about marrying him.

You Argue a Lot

It has already been mentioned that every relationship has its ups and downs and that nothing is perfect. If it was then it would be a pretty boring world we live in. However, there are disagreements and there are big arguments and there is a difference between the two. When you argue, do your arguments last for days on end where you both refuse to speak to each other? Do they cause you to have further arguments that often spill over into the lives of others? If so, then this is a valid excuse as to why you would not want to marry him.

Things are too comfortable

When you have been dating someone for a long time it is all too easy to become stuck in a rut. This means that you both take each other for granted and the relationship loses the spark that once was. If you feel as though it has become too comfortable then there is every chance that it will remain that way once you become married and so, the best option is to save any further heartache by not marrying him.

You Crave Something Different

If you have been in a relationship for many years, you become set in your ways. You both do the same things, there is no excitement and you find yourself wondering what else is out there. Perhaps you got together at a young age or perhaps you simply want a change. If this is the case then you are better off not marrying him because it is only fair that you show him that respect.

You Find Someone Else Attractive

It is not uncommon for people who have been dating someone for many years to find other people attractive. The human brain is wired up in such a way that we find others attractive but there is a fine line between looking at others and actually finding them attractive to the point where you feel like you are physically attracted to them. If you feel physically attracted to someone else then marriage really is not the right move.

You Have to Make the Right Decision

When all or some of the signs above begin to appear, you have to consider whether marriage is the right options. You might have been dating for many years but that does not create an automatic path into the world of marriage because you have to do what is right. If your feelings change then there is no point in committing to everything that marriage has to offer because it will only result in people getting hurt.