Simple Things That Really Says “I Love You”

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Simple Things That Really Says “I Love You”

For many people, hearing “I love you” sometimes feels like it has no feeling behind it because you hear it so much—or, maybe you don’t hear it enough and you wonder if your partner really doesn’t care. People in a relationship don’t have to always have those three flying around to know their partner cares.

Here are some other simple phrases that we say to one another that tells them that they care a lot about the person we love.

1. Just be careful!
2. Be safe.
3. I’ll pay this time, it’s no problem.
4. I made your favorite breakfast.
5. This reminded me of you.
6. Have a great day.
7. Can I walk you home (or to your car)?
8. Want some? I have plenty to share.
9. Can I have another spoon?
10. You look cold, here’s my jacket.
11. Here’s mine, you can have it.
12. Are you feeling alright?
13. Try this, it might help.
14. Be careful outside, it’s looking nasty.
15. Care to dance?
16. Don’t worry, everything is going to work out.
17. Try not to worry too much.
18. You make me so happy.
19. Want to come over tonight?
20. I brought goodies!
21. Put away your wallet, this is my treat.
22. So, what do you want to watch?
23. You can pick the movie.
24. Let me drive tonight.
25. Put on your seat belt.
26. I got your favorite coffee.
27. Come on, I have a surprise.
28. Give me a call if you need me.
29. Is everything okay?
30. You got this!
31. I saved a seat for you.
32. I’ll see you another time.
33. I made us some reservations.
34. Hey, let’s go on an adventure!
35. Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up.
36. Don’t worry about anything at all.
37. I bought two, one for each of us.
38. Stay here with me, please.
39. You cooked, I’ll do the dishes.
40. Drive carefully, please.
41. I’m still awake.
42. Look at what I made for you.
43. If we squeeze in, we can fit.
44. You needn’t ask.
45. Please don’t ever change.
46. I missed you so much.
47. I’m so anxious to see you again.
48. No reason, I did it just because.
49. I think you’ll love these.
50. I thought you’d like them.
51. You mean the world to me.
52. I spent a lot of time making this.
53. I ordered your favorite pizza.
54. Come over, I made dinner.
55. I love the way you laugh.
56. I just need to see you right now.
57. I wanted to hear your voice.
58. Sleep sweet.
59. I always knew you’d do good things.
60. I love you, too.

Just looking at these common things we say every day, it almost makes the desire to hear “I love you” seem frivolous when there are so many other ways we tell each other how much we care, don’t you think?