5 Reasons Why You May Still Be Single and Struggling to Find Love

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5 Reasons Why You May Still Be Single and Struggling to Find Love

When we are dating, we tend to judge our potential partners on a variety of things and this could be the reason why you are still single. We grow up with the impression that our Prince Charming will be everything we hoped for in a man, but we all know that love doesn’t work that way. If you’re set on finding a man, but aren’t having much success, we’ve got some reasons why.

1. You have a “checklist.”
We all have things that we want in a perfect man. He is tall, love puppies, doesn’t smoke, and walks on water. You know how it goes. The problem of having a list is that you are missing out on some amazing men simply because they don’t fit with your idea of the perfect man. Once you get rid of that list and be more open-minded in regards to the qualities in a man, you’ll be more likely to find someone who sparks your interest.

2. You text too many men.
It’s awesome feeling like you’re wanted by people, however, if you start talking to one person, go on a few dates, and even start to envision some kind of relationship with them, you have to stop talking to the other men. You might think that you’re keeping your options open, but in truth you aren’t giving the person you want to date all of your attention and that is unfair to everyone involved.

3. You have a negative outlook on everything.
Sure, we get it, being cheated on sucks. Having friends who aren’t the best quality of people sucks also. However, when you consistently cry and complain about these things, you aren’t going to have many guys lining up to win your heart. No one wants to be around someone who is doom and gloom all the time. Also, when you hold on to that heartache, you’re not able to see the great guy that may be standing right in front of you.

4. You don’t want to work.
Women who have always dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom may discover that it is a little more challenging trying to find someone to call their own, especially if they talk about it on the first date. Men who are interested in dating you are doing so with the impression that they are going to meet and hang out with someone who is fun and outgoing. They don’t want to take you out and feel like you’re planning your wedding and future kids.

5. You are skeptical when he is too nice.
Men want to do nice things for the women that they are dating, but they don’t want to have to explain the reasons behind their actions. What we mean by this is that when he surprises you on your lunch break with your favorite cupcake, don’t automatically assume that he is up to something. Just be appreciative that he is thoughtful enough and is willing to do something special for you.