Expert Tips on How To Kiss a Man So He’ll Always Remember You

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Expert Tips on How To Kiss a Man So He’ll Always Remember You

Being a good kisser is something you should always want to strive for. Some are born with this remarkable trait, while others aren’t quite as blessed and wind up being not so great kissers. Fortunately, practice makes perfect and we’ve got the tips that will help you perfect the art of kissing!

  1. Prepare yourself. Before you even think about kissing a guy, you have to do a bit of preparing. You need to look the part! This means your lips should be kissable soft and definitely not chapped. Sure, you may want to wear lipstick because it makes your lips look fuller and more luscious, but in truth it winds up being messy and more trouble than it’s worth—so we recommend against the lipstick.
  2. Keep him in the loop. If you are bold, you can come right out and ask your man if he wants to make out with you. Often times this doesn’t always work. We recommend playing coy by letting him know what you want without actually saying it. How? Simple. Lick your lips a little while he is talking to you. Break eye contact every now and again by glancing down to his lips during the conversation. He may not notice what you’re doing at first, but within a few minutes of doing this he will get the idea!
  3. Slow and soft is key. When he finally does lean in for the kiss, make sure it is soft and slow. You don’t want to overwhelm the experience by diving in with such ferocity that he feels like you’re trying to eat his face. Pucker your lips and gently nip at his lower lip, licking it playfully once in a while. You can then move to the top lip with the same tenderness.
  4. Surprise him. Sure you may enjoy the soft and subtle kissing right now, but you will want to surprise him by switching up a little bit. Don’t be afraid to get a bit more aggressive by squeezing his lip in between yours once in a while. Now don’t think that this means you have to feel like you are wanting to bruise them, but show him just enough pressure to show that you are passionate and desire him.
  5. Nibbling is okay. When you kiss a guy and nibble at his lower lip, you can almost be certain that he will become putty in your hands. Keep in mind though that just anything too much of a good thing is no good at all. This means that you shouldn’t only use your teeth when kissing!

By alternating between these three pressures and techniques, you are constantly keeping him guessing and experiencing a variety of sensations. A truly awesome make out session should leave both of your lips feeling tingly and you have nothing else on your mind but kissing one another soon… Very, very soon.

  1. Don’t be afraid to kiss elsewhere. Why should you only focus on his lips when there are plenty of other places on his body that you could kiss? Kiss him behind his ear and see how he reacts. Kiss him anywhere and see what it does. Trust us, it is a very enjoyable experience for both of you.