Discover the 5 Kissing Effects on Body

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Discover the 5 Kissing Effects on Body [addText name='img' value=''>

During a make-out session with someone you’re really into, your whole body can light up and become alive! Here are some interesting ways kissing effects on body parts.

1. Face and Mouth
Have you ever paid attention to which way you tilt your head when you kiss? A whopping 80% of folks will tilt their head to the right when they are going in for a smooch. That isn’t the only thing that happens when you kiss. When you finally plant your lips on them, you feel like an explosion took place on your lips. Why? Because the lips are at least 200 times more sensitive than fingertips!

Also, while you’re kissing and your nose is so close to the other person, that scent that is specifically theirs is only increasing your arousal. Not only that, if you go in for a quick peck hello, you’re only using a couple muscles. However, if you’re going for an intense make-out session, you could burn up to 100 calories! Score!

2. Blood Flow
When you’re really into someone when you kiss them, you may feel shockwaves coursing through your body, sometimes being intensified in certain areas, like the genitals, your tummy, and your nips.

3. Adrenal Glands
While you’re tonsil deep into your make-out session, another way kissing effects on the body is in adrenal glands. These little buggers sense that there is something incredible going on and they are going to let adrenaline flood your body. This is why your heart pounds, you start breathing heavily, and your palms get balmy. Keep in mind that the more you kiss this person, the more that passion will turn into a peaceful feeling.

4. Anxiety
Kissing someone you’re into is going to reduce anxiety, and it can help ease the incessant “noise” that goes on in your mind. This is because kissing increases how much oxytocin, the hormone that creates that peaceful hush that takes over your body.

5. Brain
The physical thrill you get while kissing may trigger your brain to increase its dopamine production. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure. While your brain is increasing its dopamine production, it can also shut down those negative feelings that you may have had pre-smooch.

Also, you know how your adrenal glands will create oxytocin? So will the pituitary gland. So this abundance of the “pleasure” or “bonding” hormone coursing through your body is going to make you both feel more connected to each other.

Kissing is a great way to show someone that you’re really interested in them. For some people, the act of kissing is much more intimate than sex because your body releases feel-good, bonding hormones while you’re kissing. With that said it’s understandable that couples who kiss frequently are more likely to have long and satisfying relationships. Do you still need better reasons to pucker up and give your honey a good kiss?