What Dating Is Like in 9 Different Countries

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What Dating Is Like in 9 Different Countries

When it comes to dating, we have our own set of rules and social norms that we follow. Here is a look at what it’s like to date in other countries.

Chilean couples will live together, but when it comes to the sleeping arrangement, they’ll sleep in separate beds.

Couples in the Czech Republic believe that online dating is primarily for busy folk. People with some time to spare are much more likely to meet a partner through their friends.

Indonesia couples feel that it is a big problem if they don’t have the same religious beliefs as their partner. It’s so important, it can threaten the strength and integrity of the relationship.

Couples in Germany are moving away from apps like Tinder because everyone seems so replaceable. Instead, people are moving toward dating sites where you can learn a lot about them. If they don’t go the online route, they’ll try meeting people at an event and meet people face to face.

In Greece, people who are interested in dating will flirt with their crush on Facebook Messenger.

Daters in the UK, things are both more relaxed and still a little confusing. There’s so much anxiety because of the hookup culture and sexual curiosity, but when you get past those nerves, it’s free game.

Couples in India, woman are expected to get married when they are young. However, now women are waiting longer, and they are having more sexual partners before they settle down before they get married.

Italian couples reveal that women tend to live far from their boyfriends, who have jobs that require a lot of travel. Managing a long-distance relationship is a big cause for concern.

In Hong Kong, it is common practice to match up and meet online, and when the fun dies out, they’ll break up on the phone.

Which of these surprise you the most? Which dating practices seem like something you could or already do?