8 Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

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8 Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work

Have you ever wondered why most men fall flat when they try to use a pick-up line on a woman? Most lines lack charm and creativity, and let’s not forget the delivery. Some guys just do not have the panache that enables them to pull off even the cheesiest of lines.

Don’t get us wrong, a pick-up line can serve its purpose when chosen correctly and used as a way to start a conversation, rather than a way to get into her pants. For all intents and purposes, we will be focusing on the lines that are intended to be used as a conversation starter. After all, that is the real reason men spout off the lines, right?

1. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”
The line is innocent, polite, and oozes with consideration. Many guys make the mistake of assuming that when a woman sits next to an empty seat, she is alone. This subtle line gives her the opportunity to turn you down (“Yes, it is.”) politely, or invite you to sit.

2. “Shall we dance?”
Keep in mind you should only use this line if you’ve got the moves to back up your query. If you do and impress her, you may find yourselves making your way to the bar for a chat and a drink, or maybe walking out of the venue and going somewhere a little quieter.

3. “Can I refresh your drink?”
This line can be used anywhere. This line can be a great way to show that you are polite, attentive, and considerate.

4. “Do you come here often? I would love to get your opinion on…?”
At first glance, this looks like the typical cheesy pick-up line. However, with a little finesse, you can make it work for you. For example, if you are at a restaurant, you can ask her to recommend something she likes. Women love being asked for the opinion and she will be happy to give it to you.

5. “Excuse me, I was hoping you could help me…?”
With the line, you can ask her to help you with a simple task, like naming a song, ordering a drink, or even winning a bet among your friends. This will show her that you are interested in her and want her input.

6. “Don’t you find this place…?”
Depending on her attitude, this line could go one of two ways. If she is having a good time, you can complement the venue. If she is having a bad time, you can bond over the disappointing experience.
Either way, the ice will be broken and you can get a conversation going.

7. “You look like you are craving an interesting conversation with someone.”
When you deliver this line correctly, you will be able to put a smile on her face, break the ice, and have a great conversation.

8. “Can I escort you to…?”
This line can be a little tricky because it will be a fine line between being creepy and being polite. If you notice her walking alone inside of a venue, whether it is the bar, the elevator, or her table, it will give her a sense of security. However, if you approach the woman in a parking lot or parking garage, it can put her on high alert and start getting scared.