7 Things Men Love about Women besides Their Appearance

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7 Things Men Love about Women besides Their Appearance

Appearance only goes so far when you are trying to get a man to notice you. If you’ve got a nice figure and a lovely face, sure you are going to get a man’s attention, but that only goes so far. You need to get him interested in you, regardless if there are other women around.

Beyond physical attraction, here are 7 traits that men find attractive.

1. Femininity – Femininity is, perhaps, the single greatest asset a woman can utilize when she is trying to attract a man and it isn’t something that men can readily resist. It is possible to show your femininity without appearing weak because you can easily take control of any situation.

2. Playfulness – In every relationship, it is important to have fun with each other. Men want women who are happy and enjoy having fun. Guys are drawn to women who have a sense of humor, know how to roll with the punches and have a good time.

3. Expressions – You could have the loveliest face but it doesn’t do any good if you don’t know how to show expressions. You can flirt with him by flashing a mischievous smile when you say something that could be perceived as naughty; laugh when he tells a joke; give a skeptical stare when he tells an incredible story.

4. Self-Esteem – Prior to trying to fall in love with someone else, you’ve first got to learn to love yourself and respect the person that you’ve become. These things play a huge role in how you look at the world and even how people will see you. Keep in mind to never deal with people who make you question your self-worth.

5. Intelligence – The only type of men that you should be dating is one that is secure about who they are and aren’t threatened by a woman’s intelligence. Men want a woman who can carry on a conversation that consists more than fashion magazines and reality television. It is one thing to be gorgeous and catch his eye, but it is pointless if you cannot have a conversation with him. Of course, there are some men out there who simply want a trophy girlfriend, and if you’re okay with that, then so be it… But not many women are.

6. Self-Reliance – Although men are generally seen as the protectors and providers, this doesn’t mean that they want to be your answer to everything. It’s nice for them to feel wanted and needed every now and then, but when they start feeling like you depend on them for more than you should, it’s a problem.

7. Confidence – Have you ever noticed that when someone is feeling quite confident, they are standing a little taller than others around them? They carry themselves with an air of certainty that it makes it nearly impossible to argue or turn down. Men love when they are with a woman who oozes confidence. They are always impressed by women who know what they’re worth and won’t settle for anything less.