Instead of Striving to be Passionate, Be Silly In Your Relationship

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Instead of Striving to be Passionate, Be Silly In Your Relationship

We can all agree that the act of falling in love isn’t something that should be taken lightly – especially in the early stages. Unlike television shows would lead you to believe, nurturing a new relationship is pretty serious and we think that with a solid foundation (the beginning of the relationship) will ensure smooth sailing down the road.

As important as having chemistry with your partner is, it isn’t the only thing that you need in order to have a strong relationship. There is a reason why people say that a sense of humor is so important in the person they date. Why, how can you have chemistry with someone if they don’t make you laugh or they don’t have the same brand of humor as you? Just imagine how awkward it is the first time you play a harmless practical joke on them and they flip out as though you tried to murder them? It doesn’t make for fond memories, we’ll tell you that.

So, what happens when you do meet someone who shares the same sense of humor as you do? You might think you’ve got it made and it’ll be a piece of cake after that. You’re wrong, my dear friend… Things can change and sometimes what once was funny to someone can get on their last nerve over time.

The Art of Being Silly

Although you may have been with someone for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be contempt. In fact, this familiarity can sometimes offer their own brand of magic into the relationship cocktail.

Being silly doesn’t necessarily mean that you are keeping things interesting in the bedroom, but we mean out in your day to day life. Are you talking to each other in silly voices, are you able to play jokes on them without them getting angry, can you stage an impromptu water balloon fight? Keep in mind that everyone has their own idea of what being silly means and you’ll want to avoid doing something that’ll make your partner angry, like hiding their keys when you know they have somewhere to be.

A lot of people feel that being silly is a juvenile thing and you can’t be silly with anyone once you hit a particular age. Think about it… When was the last time you were silly with your parents or your friends? With most people you come in contact with, you probably keep that light-hearted side to yourself and rarely ever let the silliness just fly without a care.

The one person you should feel most comfortable to be silly with is your significant other. That’s it. When you are able to break out your most outrageous celebrity impersonation or perform a crazy act of hilarity in front of the person that you’re falling in love with (or already are in love with them), you’re showing this other person that you are comfortable around them and you’re okay making a fool of yourself just to see them smile.

Pretending at Love vs. In Love

When you are simply pretending to be in love or waiting for that realization that you are, in fact, in love, you won’t be able to be silly and feel comfortable doing it. Even if you want to try your best to appeal to their sense of humor, it falls flat. When you are truly in love, it’ll come easily and effortlessly.

Just be aware of the moment when the antics you used to do to make them laugh now seem to irritate them. It’s natural that after a while you may find that Grover-voice they used to do to make you laugh now grates on your nerves. This is an indication that there is a crack in the relationship or… sadly, it could be too late. It’s a good idea to take a step back and think to yourself when the last time was that you were silly with one another. If it’s been too long to remember… Well maybe it’s time to reconsider the relationship.