4 Signs You’re Turning Men Off Because You’re too Needy

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4 Signs You’re Turning Men Off Because You’re too Needy

Ladies, stop thinking that you need a man in your life to be happy!

Now, since we got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get real. There are plenty of women out there who struggle with trying to find a man. No matter how much they try to be a “good” girlfriend, within a short amount of time, any guy that she was talking to has run for the hills because he thought she was a clinger.

Most of the time, women show off these clinger tendencies because they are afraid of being alone or letting a good man go. So her panic kicks in, and she tries to overcompensate. What she thinks is ideal girlfriend behavior, he feels like she is stifling him and it’s not cute.

Here are 4 behaviors that you do that guys get turned off by:

1. You’re too accommodating. When you’re chasing a guy, you tend to make yourself super flexible with his schedule. You’re too nice, you are at his beckoned call, and you cancel plans at the drop of a hat just to be with him.
Stop doing that! Though that tingly feeling you get whenever you think about him may be strong, it doesn’t mean you have to be there for him whenever it is convenient for him.

2. You give more than you receive. You’re always the one that reaches out and gets in contact with him. You ask him out, you “run” into him, you cook for him, and shower him with gifts. You think you’re being sweet and romantic, but you never get the same effort in return.
Any good relationship worth being in is all about a fine balance of give and take. You can’t be the one to always give and he can’t be the one to always take. It should be even!

3. You act out your hesitation. Although you may crave a guy’s acceptance and even validation, your insecurities lead you to be jealous, anxious, and even mistrusting. You are always hounding him when he isn’t near you, and you get pissed when he doesn’t text or call back. You fear the worst and then get upset when he calls you out for not trusting him.
Stop doing this and realize that you should be the one to be chased, not the other way around. If he is really into you, he will court you and do what ever he can to make you swoon.

4. You make excuses for his hurtful ways. How many times have you made excuses for him when he’s had a bad day and snaps at you? How many times has he blown you off and you shaken it off and act like it doesn’t bother you? This sort of behavior only reaffirms to him that he can do no wrong and you’ll be there no matter what.
You deserve better, honey. You shouldn’t be with a man who doesn’t show how much he appreciates you. Period.