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The Myth of the Free Dating Service

Some people advertise their sites as offering free dating service(s). Usually they don’t actually offer free dating services though. What they offer are hidden fees.

Why aren’t quality dating sites free? Because then they are either filled with spammy ads to cover costs, or they aren’t functional as they could be. To create a great, user friendly, dating site costs. Hosting, design and programming all cost. As does ads to alert people to the site’s existence (and you do want to do that so your members get to meet as many people as possible). And let’s not forget staff that ensures the members behave and deal with any customer concerns.

That’s why quality dating sites cost. Often they don’t cost a lot though, because a good site will attract a lot of members, allowing them to lower the membership fees. And, usually, a good site offers a free basic membership.

A Dating Service for Free - the Basic Membership

At BeNaughty.com we offer a free basic membership. This allows you to upload a profile and check what other members are using the site. We do this to ensure your happiness - you get to see if there are members you are attracted to and if you like how the site operates. Of course we’re rather confident that’s the case, but it’s easier for us to let you try it for free than convincing you we are right (though we are…of course).

See a free membership as a guarantee of sorts - you get to try it for free to know it’s for you before you start paying. Quite nice, don’t you think?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today! Flirt. Have fun. Go on dates. The great single life is waiting for you!

The Best Online Dating Service for People Looking for Fun

We gathered most singles are looking for fun. Whilst a lot of singles look for committed relationships, they want to have fun whilst looking. That’s why we set up BeNaughty.com - we wanted to give single people a chance to experience the carefree single life. Something that can be difficult if you are living in a smaller town, or village, and don’t get to meet that many singles. Meeting a lot of singles can also be a problem if you work long hours and don’t always make it to the parties.

So hurry up! Go create that fun single life for yourself today! And our site has what you are looking for when it comes to having fun. We simply believe we are the best online dating service for people looking for fun!