The Best Kept Secret Any Woman Should Know to Keep Her Man Interested

One Secret to Keep Men Interested

Ladies, let us tell you something real quick. You are a goddess. There, with that said, we can get down to this messy business of trying to keep our men interested in our goddess-butts.

We’ve all been there before. You’re with a guy, and after a while, you notice him distancing himself from you. He doesn’t answer you calls like he used to. He’s distracted whenever you two are hanging out. It just feels like you’re losing him and you don’t know why.

Oh yeah, we know it sucks. We let our emotions get so entwined in what he’s doing that we lose ourselves and our sanity. Love can be that cruel sometimes. We trick ourselves into believing that if only we could grab his attention and keep him as interested in us as we are in them, life would be golden. Right?


The hard truth that many women don’t want to (or maybe can’t) understand is that by worrying about your man’s waning interest (or complete lack thereof), you are going to drive yourself to the Funny Farm. Before long, you’re going to start questioning every little thing you do and start feeling like nothing you do is awesome enough to garner his undivided attention.

Worrying about his attention span is not only exhausting, but also unnecessary. It’ll make you feel jealous, irritated, and before long, you may even become bitter and judgmental. You’ll start comparing yourself to other women, especially women he sees every day via work or school. You’re going to pick apart your flaws, and you’re going to read hundreds of relationship articles (sort of like you are now) and wonder what you can do to be prettier, funnier, kinkier, and more… Everything.
Stop thinking that you aren’t good enough!

Ladies, there is only one thing that you can do if you want to keep your man interested in you. What is that one thing you ask?

Love yourself.

Okay, we know that sounds too simplistic and we’re off our rockers here, but hear us out.

When you love yourself, you know you’re the goddess that we told you that you were. When you’re able to love yourself, you aren’t going to be so focused on what your man is doing. Yeah, you’re still going to care of course, but you aren’t going to have that pressure on him to keep you happy.

You see, when we start worrying about keeping a guy’s attention, we are unconsciously putting pressure on him to be everything too. It’s that pressure that is making him pull away in the first place. So, essentially by sitting back and enjoying life and being with him, without worrying, then things will fall into place.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your relationship will last forever. It does mean that both of you probably won’t feel quite as stressed out, which will definitely help to keep the bonds of love strong.