The Top 30 Questions You Can Ask a Guy

naughty questions

If you are looking for a fun date night that will get you both in the mood, keep reading because we have 30 questions that will spice things up!

• Do you like to talk dirty?

Find out before you go on if he even likes talking dirty.

• Do you like checking me out whenever I’m walking by you?

This question will get him thinking about your body and maybe what he’d like to do to it.

• What part of my body do you love the most?

With this question, you know exactly what he likes best about you. Extra points if he says something charming like your brain or the way you laugh.

• What is your naughtiest fantasy?

Find out kind of fantasies he has and it’s up to you to make them come true.

• Where do you like being touched the most?

You can find out where his pleasure points are and when you’re getting busy, you can focus on those points.

• What spot on my body do you want to kiss the most?

You can’t go wrong with this question because he’ll start fantasizing about kissing it right away.

• Have you ever tried having phone sex?

If he has already had phone sex before, he might be willing to do it with you. If not, you can try it out together.

• Where are the craziest places you have ever had sex?

When he answers, you’ll have a good idea if he is adventurous or not.

• What is your favorite position?

With this question, you’ll get him thinking about having sex with you, and it will give him the perfect chance to show you, rather than tell you, which position he prefers.

• What do you like your girlfriend to wear to bed?

When he answers, you’re getting a better understanding of his tastes and what he likes.

• Can you guess what kind of underwear I’m wearing right now?

You can’t go wrong with this question because not only will he be thinking about your underwear, but he might even be thinking about taking them off, too.

• Would you ever have a threesome?

This is another question that will give you an idea about what sort of sexual fantasies he has.

• Would you ever want to have a threesome?

Again, you’re getting a sense of how adventurous he is.

• Have you ever been skinny dipping?

If he has, great. If not, maybe he’d be willing to do it with you.

• Has anyone caught you having sex? Did they join in?

His answer will tell you whether he is a private person or if he’s open about what he does sexually.

• What do you want to do with me, right now?

This is a perfect icebreaker when you want to get things going.

• Do you want to show me how great of a kisser you are?

Another good question to get things rolling.

• Have you ever tried using sex toys with someone?

When he answers, you can get an idea whether he is kinky or not.

• Have you ever had sex with someone that was so hot that you woke someone up?

This question will let you know whether he likes tame sex or… wild sex.

• Tell me what your first time was like. Did you do it with someone special?

When he shares his first time with you, it will give you a chance to share yours, and you two will be closer to it.

• Have you ever gone out and had a one night stand with someone?

Would you do it again? This will give you an insight on where he stands with casual sex or not.

• What kind of foreplay are you really into?

When he reveals what kind of foreplay he’s into, you can use it to your advantage.

• Can you prove it to me that you know how to please me?

Forget the question. Ask this and they’ll have to prove it.

• If you could get it on anywhere in the world, where would it be?

This question will let you know if he’s a romantic person or if he just wants to get it on anywhere.

• Do you like being in control in the bedroom, or do you like to be dominated?

Whatever the answer is, you can play it up the next time you’re in the bedroom.

• If you could perform magic, what article of clothing of mine would you make disappear?

His answer will let you know what part of your body he lusts after the most.

• If we were in the same room, how long would it be before we were completely naked?

Score! Another challenge question.

• Do you like to have sex with the lights on or off?

Again, you can find out what preferences he likes when he’s getting busy.

• Do you like to role-play?

See if he is the imaginative type or not.

• Have you ever been caught having sex in public?

This question will let you know whether he is adventurous or not.