Truth or Dare Questions for Naughty Fun

truth or dare

Do you remember when you were a teenager, and you attended a party? The fun thing to do was play truth or dare and explore your sexuality with like-minded people.

Well, truth and dare aren’t just a game for teenagers! In fact, a good sensual game of Truth or Dare can be a great way to get things going with a new partner, or it could revitalize a relationship that is slowly losing its spark.

We should note that after dating for a while, you probably may already know everything about your partner. If you and your partner are close to another couple, you can include them on your date night. Just like teenagers, the more people participating, the more exciting the game will be!

The game can be as racy as you want it to be, but everyone should be on the same page as to where the line is drawn. You don’t want to cross the line and ruin friendships or, worse yet, relationships. The way you play couples dirty truth or dare depends on the couples involved. You could go couple v. couple, where one couple dares/asks the other couple does to something. Or, it could be person v. person.

You might be tempted to reach for your favorite bottle of liquid courage. While you could do this, you don’t want to get completely hammered because this could kill the mood or your inhibitions could be so low you’d do things you would otherwise never do. In other words, use your better judgment before going forward.

So, if you think you’re ready to include another couple (or couples) in your raunchy date night game of truth or dare, here’re some of our favorite questions to ask!

Naughty Dares

• Kiss your partner’s ears.
• Spank, pinch, and squeeze your partner’s butt,
• Put an ice cube on your partner’s belly button and keep it there until it melts. You can only keep the cube in place by using your lips and tongue.
• Unwrap a piece of candy with your partner with using just your lips.
• Kiss your partner for a whole minute.
• Give your partner a seductive lap dance.
• Make your partner lay on the ground while you touch every inch of their body lightly, either with a feather or your fingertips. Your partner cannot laugh or move away.
• Unhook and remove an article of clothing from your partner’s body with just one hand.
• Remove your partner’s shirt with just your teeth.
• Lick melted chocolate off of your partner’s lips.
• Blindfold your partner and kiss three different body parts as chosen by the other couple. The blindfolded person has to guess which of their partner’s body parts they are kissing without using their hands.
• Hug one another without shirts on.

Naughty Truth Questions

If you want to lower the other couple’s inhibitions (or maybe some of your own!), ask these questions to help set the mood. Make sure that you have a nice mix of truth questions with those risqué dares. The game should be played fairly with a nice blend of show and tell.
1. When did you two first kiss and what was it like?
2. What body part are you most attracted to on your partner?
3. What can your partner do to you that turns you on the most?
4. What are your sexiest fantasies with one another?
5. Who is the last person you’ve fantasized about?
6. Describe your partner’s body in full detail.
7. What is the craziest thing you’ve done to one another in bed?
8. Have you ever flashed someone that wasn’t your partner?

Once you’ve all gone through these truth or dare questions, you might find it difficult to behave yourselves. It would be perfectly acceptable if you and your partner excuse yourselves and continue your naughty night behind the closed doors.