Naughty Dates All Women Wishes You Would Take Her Out On

drive in movie

Let’s face it, fellas; not everyone has a good idea of what a good date is, and even fewer still will know how to execute the perfect sexy date. Don’t worry!

You can still salvage any future dates by taking her some of these top sexy date ideas that all women wish you would take her to.

1. Night at the Casino

Poker, blackjack, or even roulette, you can’t beat a night of high stakes gambling. Upon arrival, start off the evening with a shot or two of your favorite liquor and head out to the floor where you’re surrounded by bright lights, people winning money, excitement, and good cheer all around. The stimulation will certainly get your blood flowing for a little bit of fun once you’ve cashed out your chips and venture up to the room. Word of caution: it would be wise to have a spending limit because you don’t want to go into the poor house while trying to show a woman a good time.

2. Costume Parties

What better way to get your partner feeling a little more flirtatious than donning a sexy costume and attending an adult costume party? It’s always a lot of fun role playing, and you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to do it. If you go as couples, choose a couple that was passionate about one another, like Marc Anthony and Cleopatra or maybe Romeo and Juliet. If you want to go for something a little more unique, choose characters that don’t get along in the beginning. When you arrive at the party, pretend you loathe each other and spend the whole party trying to win the affections of your date.

3. Wine Tasting

For a more refined experience, take your date to a high-end wine bar and arrange to do a private wine tasting. With this date, both of you will be relaxed, enjoy delicious wine, and get to enjoy each other’s company in a private setting. Of course, you could go to a beautiful winery and make the date last even longer by booking a tour through the winery and sample some of the wines they have available. Regardless of which route you take, you can bet that both of your inhibitions will be down, and you’ll be anxious to get things going in the bedroom later.

4. Burlesque Show

Maybe you’ve have been under the impression that a burlesque show was something that was done back during the days of opium dens, free love, and all that other stuff that’s associated with the 70s. You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are burlesque shows, groups, classes, and training popping up everywhere you look. Unlike a modern day strip club, a burlesque show is about giving women the chance to embrace her raw sexuality in a way that is all her own. While it is true they are still stripping down to varying degrees of nakedness; many would say it is classier and more tasteful. The atmosphere at a burlesque show is the perfect place for your lady to embrace her sex appeal and do a striptease of her own for you later.

5. Dress Up to Go Somewhere Fancy

Most women wouldn’t turn down a reason to wear her best clothing, get her hair done, and take extra time looking beautiful for you. Women enjoy the self-pampering that goes along with getting ready for an evening out on the town. By telling her that you are taking her out somewhere truly special, be it a fancy dinner, a play on Broadway, or an upscale lounge where cocktail attire is required, you’re giving her a great reason to look her best, and you’ll notice a surge in her confidence. Include a few cocktails and maybe a decadent dessert, and you can pretty much guarantee that she will be feeling pretty amorous by the end of the evening, and she won’t care that her dress is bunched up at the foot of your (or hers!) bed.

6. A Drive-In Movie

Although there aren’t very many drive-in movie theaters anymore, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, you should make it out to see one. This date allows you to imagine that you’re kids again and explore one another’s body while checking out a movie from the back seat of the car. For some reason, there is nothing more exciting than making out in a car, which is fine by us! Word to the wise, though, we fully recommend choosing a movie that neither of you cares much about seeing because chances are you won’t get to watch a good portion of it.
Naughty date nights are important for any relationship, and when you take the time out to do something a little different but is still extremely sexy, you can bet that the date will be a success.