Watch How Differently Men and Women Respond to Being Hit On

flirting on the street

Rejection is never something we want to face—especially when we are already battling low self-esteem. It takes a lot of courage to approach someone, and when you get turned down, it can make you feel even worse.

Below, we ask that you check out this YouTube video created by the channel, whatever. The video shows how women react when they are approached by a guy on the streets, interested in taking them out on a date. Then it shows you the other side of the coin, where a woman tries asking out some men. The responses may be an eye opener.

So… Needless to say that the women were much meaner when they turned the guy down—many of them didn’t even give the guy a chance to say very much before they shot him down with a flat out “no” or a more rude “f**k off.” You can only imagine what that has to do to a man’s confidence level!
On the other hand, when a woman tried to ask a guy out, he is much more relaxed. They let her finish flattering them and allow her to get to what she really wants, either to meet up or their phone number. Of course, they turn her down, but not in a humiliating way! If you notice, they complement her first before turning her down as to soften the blow.
The comment section for the video has a variety of responses. Some understand why women reacted in the manner they did.

One person said: “I hate to say it while I wouldn’t swear at a guy hitting on me that I wasn’t interested in, but I might just quickly say a no thank you and ignore him. It’s just that in my experience guys can get really pushy if you start giving them more attention. Not all guys I’m sure, but you don’t always really want to find out….”

And another said: I think the girls reactions were caused by a combination of being sick of being catcalled and not realizing the guy was just trying to be sweet, and also just because they are incredibly rude. Walking down the street as a girl and being approached by a guy you don’t know can be scary, and it happens quite often (not to me, but to women who live in cities). It’s hard to tell who’s a predator and who’s a peer. But their reactions were still pointlessly rude.”
One commenter took it to a whole other level with this: “We’ve had over 50 years of feminists and the feminist-controlled media telling women that if a heterosexual man finds them attractive, it’s a form of harassment. This is the end result.

Those women will hit the wall, then wonder where all the good men have gone, and of course, instead of blaming feminists, they’ll use their amazing mental gymnastics skills to find a way of blaming men for it, and they’ll spread the message to the next generation of women that men are pigs, and it starts all over again. This is why most men prefer to have a wank and play video game because it’s the path of least resistance. Western women just aren’t worth the hassle.

Looking at the situation from a man’s perspective, it’s hard trying to meet women without giving off the impression that they are some creepy guy. Women face being cat called sometimes on a daily basis and it is because of that they are stand-offish and rude. Needless to say, meeting one another continues to be a challenge that we all face—either you’re a creep or you are unwilling to even be approached.