Top 5 Unexpected Places to Meet Awesome Women


The world is your oyster and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yeah, these things are true, but when you want to meet women, you don’t always want to go to the same watering hole over and over again. The members of, one of the premier dating sites for professionals, have compiled a list of five of the most unexpected places that you can meet women, outside of the chat rooms on dating sites.

  1. Networking Events

Professional people usually attend professional networking events with the hopes to further their career and make new connections. What people may not take into consideration is that these events can be the ideal opportunity to meet a like-minded, business-savvy professional who is single. Just remember that the event is meant for business, so don’t go in there wearing a bright sign saying that you are single and ready to mingle. Keep your conversations mildly professional and be coy—not overly flirtatious!

  1. The DMV

No one really likes spending their afternoon at the DMV, which is why it can be an interesting place to meet someone. Just think of it this way—you are both bored, tired of sitting in a lobby where it feels like no-one is getting called. When you work up the nerve to approach her, remember to break out the charm and not creepy.

  1. The Flea Market

Women love a good bargain and there is nothing like snagging a man and a cool antique. If you spot a lady looking at a heavy piece of furniture, you could always offer your strength to help her move it. This would show her that you are helpful, a strong guy, and you would do anything for her—within reason of course.

  1. Public Transportation Terminals

Okay, this one can be a little cheesy only because of those movies where one person is left at the airport and watches as the love of their life leaves the state/country. Blah blah blah. However, when you are both stuck waiting for the late plane to arrive, it is the perfect opportunity to start up a conversation. This is especially helpful if you are flying on the same plane because you already have something in common. You can talk about what you did in the city you are in now, what you plan on doing when you land, and that can easily transition into asking them out on a date.

  1. Sporting Events

As much as men like to think that sporting events are a male’s sanctuary and the women who attend these events are doing so as a favor to a male family member or they are playing for the other team, the truth is there are plenty of female sports fans. You may be surprised at how into sports women can get! These sporting events are great places to meet women, especially if they are rooting for the same team as you are. Not only do you have something in common (the love of the sport and the team), but you also can enjoy each other’s company and discuss the game after it ends when you ask her out for a cup of coffee.