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Chat-up line:Fun guy who loves living life to the fullest in every way has opening for like minded partner in crime. Apply within and start enjoying it too
Can accommodate: Yes
Can travel: Yes

In their own words

Some say I'm a riddle, wrapped in a conundrum, smothered in secret sauce. Those who said that have all since received the treatment they so obviously needed. ;) Honestly, though, I'm a 45yr old, divorced professional who still identifies himself somewhat as an **** college ballplayer, not in an effort to impress but to inform. Outwardly I still look very much like exactly that. I'm somewhat tall (6'2") and still have the large frame that enabled me to be quite good at stopping other very large men from tackling my smaller, more athletically gifted teammates (though I do feel it's important to point out I actually weigh some 30 lbs less than my playing weight). I'm well built in the way all linemen are, and by that I mean I am a big man and will always be. I'm quite comfortable with myself as I've found many women prefer a man big enough to make them feel small yet protected yet I know I;m simply not the cup of tea for many more women. If you are among that group I take no offense. Outside my build I have dark brown eyes and hair (a full head of non thinning hair to boot) with some of the inevitable wispy gray streaks above my ears. I've been described as "distinguishably handsome" by women in the past and while I've never considered myself "good looking" it's been said enough that I accept that it is likely close to the truth. My personality is what stands out the most, though. I am open minded and adventurous, someone who looks to live each day to the fullest in every way. I am someone who values exploration into all facets of my being and like to experience things beyond my experience and outside my comfort zone as those are what teach me the most.

They are looking for

I am looking for a self confident woman who shares my lust for life, desire to explore, and open minded nature towards everything. Generally I find women who could be described as curvy/voluptuous/****/zaftig women who are also quite busty. That's not to say I'm not open towards women who are none of those things as I judge everyone on their own merits but I honestly do seem to seek out women who do fall into those categories so it's best I admit they are more likely to catch my eye and grab my attention in ways other women simply do not. Outside that basic type I don't have a superficial attachments to "looks" as I find confidence, experience and openness towards anything new to be much sexier and desirable than outward appearance. If you are someone who feels she is the type of woman I've described and have read this far because you're curious or even intrigued by me to the extent you'd like to know more about me please speak up. Message me or send a chat request and if I'm online I'll get back to you quickly. You never know where you'll find the next great adventure in life and oftentimes they simply appear when you least expect it.

About me
gender: Male
age: 46
orientation: Straight
looking for: Email or chat
Nothing serious
Private Relationship
marital status: Divorced
playing safe: With a new partner
smoke: No
drinks: Social
shaved: Yes
pierced: No
Height: 6' 2 (1.88m)
Country of birth:United States
weight: 19st 9lb - 125kg
race: Caucasian/White
build: Well Built
eyes: Brown
hair: Dark Brown
glasses: No
facial hair: Beard
endowed: Average+
cut: Yes

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