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The most important aspect in my life is being the absolute best **** and example to my ****. I am extremely patient and it is very rare that I have a temper. I am very loyal, trustworthy, and devoted and maybe the most honest person you ever meet. I am moral and polite with a distaste for rude people who seem to always interupt befor you ever finish a sentence. I am a great cook and would like to finally find someone I don't mind sharing the kitchen with. Along with all that, I am still very much a manly man. I love everything outdoors and am a very capable survivalist. I love hunting, fishing,camping, hiking, 4x4ing, and buidling huge bon fires in the mountains. I am handy enough to fix most anything, and do my own plumbing to boot. I am also a very passionate lover and pride myself at reading and reacting to the subtle physical signals a woman gives off during ****, both good and bad, and get great joy from pleasing my partner.I love to hold hands on a walk, and consider myself a very good kisser. Passionate, sensual love making is my preference, but also look forward to the times when primal, intense, hot and sweaty, rip your clothes of **** is in order. I love the way a woman tastes, and greatly enjoy the way her legs quiver after a bite your lip, arch your back,and curl your toes while grabbing two handfulls of sheet full blown orgasym. The rest I will save for when I finally meet her.

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I am only interested in finding an amazing woman with strong **** values and morals so I can spend the rest of my life making sure she feels happier and more loved than any woman ever has, and few have ever thought a man was even capable of showing. Someone very easy going who loves to smile and laugh as often as life allows. LOTS of kissing and affection as well as moderate PDA would be a good thing. A simple life in a small town, away from the hussle of the city, where few people lock their doors and most take the time to greet their neighbors as they get a chance would sound ideal to her. Loyalty and devotion along with a love for **** would be a HUGE priority and source of joy in her life. She would love the outdoors and nature, and be able to bait her own hook lol. She would wear **** or no make-up and be very confident in who she is, comfortable in social situations, and capable of inteligent conversation. is that too much to ask?

About me
: Male
: 40
: Straight
: Email or chat
Nothing serious
Private Relationship
: Divorced
: With a new partner
: No
: Social
: Yes
: No
: 6' 1 (1.85m)
:United States
: 13st 5lb - 85kg
: Caucasian/White
: Well Built
: Blue
: Black
: Contact Lenses
: Beard and Moustache
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