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About myself, I am a 36yo SWM, 6'5, 250lbs, avg body, attractive. I am intelligent with a down to earth personality, great sense of humor, and capable of carrying on a conversation, or just giving you an ear to listen with. Sexually, I'm very big on foreplay, kissing, rubbing, touching. I love to use my tongue on a woman, and I'm very talented with it. Also, I love to **** **** as much as ****. I'll use my tongue wherever you wish, over every inch of your body. Getting a woman off is what truly gets me off. With ****, I'll give it to you how you like. I'm vocal, and like a woman to be vocal with me. Tell me how to **** you, where, faster, slower..its all about pleasing YOU. Act out your wild side..give into the primal side of yourself. Grab me by my hair and force my face between your legs. Get on your knees and demand me to eat your **** and ****. Grab my **** and tell me to **** you hard and fast. Live out your fantasy and deep desires. Take what you want and need. When I'm finished, I'm not a roll over and nap kinda guy. Once I ****, I'll continue to take care of you with my fingers, which can find those special area's, and my tongue.

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assfetish33 is looking for single for Email or chat, Nothing serious, Private Relationship, Other

My **** is assplay. I love a nice ****, and love to **** ****. Alot of women get shy and won't do that, even though thats in the post. So let me be brutally direct with what I'm looking for. First off, please tell me about yourself with some attention to detail, and articulation. Describe yourself a bit, and what you like. "I'm ****, let's chat" or "I can has **** **** mmmm your ****" really aren't the reply's I'm looking for. I hate vague, and I'd like to be able to understand just wtf your trying to say. (Yes, I really did get a reply like that) A woman that LOVES **** ****, giving and receiving, and having both her **** and **** ****. She MUST be willing to have both her **** and **** eaten. If you've never had your **** **** before, thats fine, but be willing to have it **** and eaten. A woman that enjoys assplay, meaning getting on her knees, spreading her ****, and telling me to **** it. Stradle my face and let me tongue your **** and ****. Pose for me...Get on your knees, reach under and rub your **** and **** while I **** off to you, then shoot my load on your ****. 69 me..let me **** your **** as you **** my ****. Wrap your lips around my **** and beg me to **** in your mouth. Let me eat your **** till your cumming repeatedly, then let me **** you in every position till we both **** harder then ever. Let me go back to **** your **** after we **** till im hard again and ready to ****. Force me to my knees, then stand in front of me and spread your ****, demanding that I worship your beautiful tight ****. Grab me by the back of my head and force me to **** your ****. Get on your knees, face in the pillows, and reach back and spread your **** and tell me how bad you want my **** in your ****. Tell me how good my **** feels **** your tight ****, then beg me to **** inside your ****. Also, women who **** when they **** are a HUGE plus. I LOVE tongue **** a woman till she squirts her juices in my mouth.

About me
: Male
: 39
: Straight
: Email or chat
Nothing serious
Private Relationship
: Single
: Yes
: Social
: 6' 5 (1.96m)
: Caucasian/White
: Dark Brown
: No
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