Once your initial subscription comes to an end, for your convenience, your subscription will automatically be renewed for a period of time equal to that initially chosen and at the same rate. As explained in our terms and conditions we reserve the right to amend your subscription package, and if we do we will give you advance notice of any price change.

The renewal will only take effect at the end of the payment period and not before. In case of failure of the automatic repeat billing on the due date we shall reattempt, without further authorization from you, the recurring payments on various days up until 180 days after the payment due date or subscription cancellation from your side. During the period and unless the recurring payment is processed successfully, you’ll have a limited access to the premium site services. If you wish to stop using our website you can cancel the automatic payment at any time before the date of the recurring payment. Please visit the "My Account" page to manage your subscription. After cancelling your subscription you will no longer be entitled to use it at a preferential rate.

No refund will be made once the subscription is in use as per our terms and conditions, and your access to the service will not stop until the end of the subscription.

Please contact our Customer Support if you have any queries related to the automatic repeat billing process.