1. What is a blog?

A blog is your personal space on the Internet where you can express your thoughts, emotions, and ideas or lift the veil on your naughty fantasies or experiences. Subjects of discussion are all up to you, and they may vary depending on your mood. You can write about food, love, dating, health, cars, world news, whatever you want in your blog. Your BeNaughty blog serves as your online diary, and it’s another great way to meet even more fun people on the site.

Within your BeNaughty blog, you are free to post interesting stories about yourself as a site member, your search for fun dates, and your experiences in online dating, or you can just share your views on relationships. Feel like discussing your favorite position in one of the entries? Go ahead! That post is sure to gain popularity among other naughty members!

Your blog should be designed to let other members get to know you better. They visit your BeNaughty profile, read your blog, and instantly get an idea of your desires and preferences. Say you've caught the eye of a hot, open-minded woman who's also a member of BeNaughty . . . she can learn much more about you in just a few minutes by reading your blog!

Make sure your blog sounds cool enough to interest other members, but make it an accurate reflection of your genuine and sensuous self! Ladies, do the same, if you want to meet more hot guys on BeNaughty!

2. How do I create my blog on BeNaughty ?

To create a blog and write a blog entry, follow these easy steps:
  • Log in to your BeNaughty profile.
  • Click “My Account” in the top menu.
  • Find the “My profile” submenu and click the “My blog” link in it.
  • Click the “Edit my blog” link in the right menu.
  • Fill in the boxes for “Blog name,” “Blog name in URL address,” and “Blog Color.” Then click the “Save changes” button.
  • That's it -- now you have a blog! Click the “Add entry” link in the right menu and start blogging!

3. What should I write about in my BeNaughty blog?

Your blog is a place where you can express your thoughts and ideas. It's a sort of personal diary where you can write about interesting events that happen in your personal life or in everyday life. A blog on your BeNaughty profile is a great way to help others get to know you a bit better, and it encourages them to get in touch.

Are you a poet or a writer or do you just have a way with words? Excellent! Do you think your stories and poems are interesting enough to attract huge interest from other members? Even better! Post your masterpieces in your BeNaughty blog. We're sure that you'll find lots of people who admire your creativity and wild imagination on our site!

Use your blog to discuss your special interests; whether they're cultural, personal, or even political, you are free to express your thoughts in your blog. Other BeNaughty members who are interested in the same topics or issues will certainly react and get in touch with you to discuss them.

Getting in touch will definitely be even more fun if you post a story, say, about your most exciting naughty experience. . . . BeNaughty members want to know what, where, and how IT happened! It's another great way to find your perfect naughty date at our site!

We all have a few exciting stories to tell about ourselves using our extensive experience and vivid imagination. Just start typing, and you'll see how amazing and easy it is! Express yourself, be creative and genuine, be Naughty, and you'll see how fun blogging on our site is!

4. How do I make my BeNaughty blog successful?

Succeeding with your blog is easy. But it requires a few more tips than just being genuine, funny, and cool. To make your blog successful, you'll need views and comments. Read on to find out how to get them!

Top our “Most Viewed Blogs” list.
Popular BeNaughty blogs are the ones that get many views and comments. The connection is obvious: you create a fun blog, and a lot of other members will like it and react to it with views and comments. If your blog can boast lots of reactions from other members, you have the chance to top the “Most Viewed Blogs” list on the BeNaughty blogs page. Naturally, the more views and comments you receive, the closer you’ll get to the top!

Catch their eye with an intriguing headline!
One of the best ways to attract others' attention to your blog is with a catchy headline. Headlines like “My New Entry” or “My New Post” won't do. Being honest and genuine is good, but writing interesting stuff is a must. So create a fun, interesting, and intriguing headline, and it will make you a famous blogger on BeNaughty.com! The rule of thumb here is to keep your blog addictive and fun enough for others to read, comment on, and come back to!

Make your blog look appealing.
Keep in mind that blog readers like good-looking blogs. To help you with this, we provide a text editor for content formatting. Use this tool to make your blog look more attractive and structured. Also, you can add images, videos, and polls to your entries. Naughty pics and videos are welcome! So make sure you take advantage of all the possibilities provided on BeNaughty to make your blog look spicy and intriguing.

Write a story, not a couple of words.
Cool posts attract cool people; as a result, you gain regular readers and subscribers who provide you with a great number of views each day! Avoid posting short and non-informative entries; they are useless. It's understandable that entries like “Hi everyone. This is my blog. I now have a blog, yay!” don't stand a chance of becoming popular. Remember that the best option is writing a story of several paragraphs. Tell others about the wet dream you had last night or something equally fun! Reveal that creative naughty side of yours, and you'll enjoy the results.

Update your blog as frequently as possible.
I'll let you in on a secret: If you want to top the list of BeNaughty bloggers, update your blog with new entries on a regular basis! Latest entries are also shown at the top, in the section called “Recently Added Blogs.” Blogs that are updated frequently enough top our “Most Updated Blogs” list.
Here you can reach a privileged position without effort. So, another way to promote your blog is updating it regularly and, in turn, making it to the top of the “Most Viewed Blogs” list.

Summing up . . .
If you want to succeed with blogging on BeNaughty, follow these easy steps:
  • Come up with creative headlines.
  • Be informative but concise. Write more than a few phrases per entry, but don't overdo it either.
  • Be Naughty -- that's what you're here for, right?
  • Catch their eye. Write about fun things (like your secret fantasies) to open up further discussions with others.
  • Be interactive. Leave inviting comments on other members' blogs.
  • Update frequently. Post new entries regularly.
  • Stay cool. Make your blog fun and good-looking. Try posting images and videos; they greatly enhance your blog's appeal!

5. How can a successful blog help me meet more people on BeNaughty?

It's obvious that members with fun and popular blogs attract attention. Say, one hot lady sees your catchy blog headline in the “Recently Updated Blogs” list. She can relate to the post and feels you may be her kind of man when the two of you meet in the comfort of her room. . . . She won't waste any time e-mailing her “hi” to you right away. The same thing works for ladies who post tempting entries in their BeNaughty blogs; they are easily noticed and contacted by more hot men.

Did I mention that revealing your naughty side in your BeNaughty blog posts really attracts other members' attention? Well, it's worth repeating because it's true! It also saves time and effort over looking for someone who shares your naughty side in bars or pubs! How much time do you typically need in real life to realize that you and your potential partner's fantasies are similar? The process surely takes more than just a few minutes of looking through some posts by BeNaughty members!

So why not create your blog on BeNaughty now? In case you need some more reasons . . .

Your blog:
  • improves your popularity in our naughty dating community, and
  • helps you meet more fun people on BeNaughty without effort. Just read on.

Express yourself. A blog is a great way to express your thoughts and skills. Through this online diary of yours, your readers can get to know you better and appreciate your talents. Being completely naughty requires having a talent, too, by the way! When blogging on our site, you highlight your individuality, express your unique naughty side, and reveal your wildest desires and fantasies. As a result, someone you're attracted to on the site can learn much more about you than a static photo and a few words in a profile can tell.

Captivate people you like. Blogging on BeNaughty is a great way to focus others' attention on you. Letting others read your blog and leave comments is the beginning of interaction -- especially if those comments are naughty enough to work wonders with your imagination! The first step is finding common desires; the next one is all about chemistry! So, if you write e-mails but rarely get replies, why not try blogging now?

Be a star! Your BeNaughty blog helps you increase your popularity and acquire the reputation of a fun and interesting person. Most popular bloggers become real stars of the community. Stars have lots of fans; wouldn’t you like to have some, too? Then start blogging now!

6. What are the rules for blogging on the site?

The rules below define unacceptable behavior on your blog. If you do not adhere to these rules, your blog post(s) will be deleted without notice.

The following is considered unacceptable behavior by bloggers on BeNaughty:
  • Posting insulting comments about or directly to other members (bloggers).
  • Harassing, humiliating, or threatening other members (bloggers).
  • Posting links or leading discussions referring to drugs, terrorism, child pornography, or any other illegal activities.
  • Promoting any other DATING website either by leading discussions or by posting links.
  • Posting “hate speech.”
  • Discussing scammers/cam girls' activities.

Moderators of BeNaughty make decisions regarding bloggers' behavior. Their decisions are irreversible and are not open to further discussion.

How to Recognize a Scammer and Report Abuse

A scammer is a person who creates a fake dating profile and uses it for one purpose only -- to get money. A scammer can be recognized through his or her use of suspicious activities including illegal advertisement; redirection to other, non-free sites; attempts to trick you into giving your credit card info; or asking for money.

BeNaughty members expect to communicate with genuine people, not scammers, when joining the site. That's why our Customer Support Team keeps an eye out for scammers and regularly deletes suspicious profiles.

The BeNaughty Team works hard at preventing scammers from using the site. We manually approve all profiles, which prevents the majority of scammers from joining. Check our Safety Advice for Online Dating section for useful information and precautions that should be taken when dating online.

If you suspect a member of being a scammer, or if you want to report other abusive behavior, click the “Report profile” button on the person's dating profile. Make sure your evidence is valid before reporting a scammer, as we do not want to remove genuine people's profiles by mistake.