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This is a selection of success stories that members have chosen to share. We will be delighted to hear from you if BeNaughty brought you together with someone special. This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online, if it worked for you it can also work for them!

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Louise, Wales This member uses to arrange dates from mobile!
June, 2012

I'd recently split from an unhappy marriage and joined this site not knowing what I was looking for. And I've found an amazing man, we both share same interests and I am moving to be with him. Thanks BeNaughty!!

motorcyclepilot, Salem This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
June, 2011

Dearest A, This has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I am so happy to have met you and feel close to you even though we are over 1800 miles apart. I don’t understand how we fell in love, but thank God for you every day. I feel closer to you than I’ve ever felt to anyone and absolutely trust you. I feel comfortable talking to you and sharing my feelings and thoughts. I’ve shared things with you I have never shared with anyone else. I think you are wonderful. You are so pretty and have a sweet voice. You are funny and smart and fun to talk to. The more I get to know you, the more I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have met you. I am looking forward to spending time together to get to know each other and have fun together. I am impressed that you can play piano and clarinet. My daughters and I enjoy playing and improvising on the piano. As I told you before I enjoy the violin but have never had a teacher. We seem to be more serious than I had planned, but am very pleased and happy and could easily see becoming your husband some day. A pleasant warmth comes over me when I even think about it. I haven’t withheld anything about my past or present from you. I can just say: «I am like an open book for you». I look forward to spending great time together in the future and really getting to know each other. I find it odd, yet comforting, that we already have so much in common. Every time I learn about something else that we share I just smile. I am very taken with you and want to know more, so much more. I want to know you. Like I said earlier, I have totally fallen for you and could quite easily become your husband, if you would have me. I think it’s wonderful that you love children and would like to be a mother. I didn’t exactly answer your question about if I wanted more children. Well, with the right woman I would. I love being a dad and especially love babies. I love teaching my children and doing things together, especially goofing off with science stuff or gadgets or exploring in the desert or woods. I would love to have a family with you and share these adventures together with you. Anyway, I am so thrilled to have you as my girlfriend and look forward to our future together. I cannot imagine wanting anything more in a woman than you. Your, J

am2577, Nicholasville This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

I started on this site early last week of May 16th. and have found my mate. We have so much in common, it's like we have known each other all our lives. We met on that Friday and have hit it off great. Thank you so much for allowing us to find each other. We have our own places but that one day may change. We are taking 1 day at a time to get to know each other more and go further into our relationship. NO RUSH FOR LOVE, IT TAKES TIME TO TAKE PLACE. Thank you again. Amanda

Aliveseeking, Raleigh This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2011

I've found the most perfect, wonderful, honest and caring man thanks to this site. I have tried other sites and they did not work for me! This site has real people who are looking for real people with many things in common, so you can realistically start a wonderful relationship with your soulmate. Just don't give up and you will find some lemons but then out of the blue you will find you Prince charming. Be honest with what you post on your profile, and you will be happy some day soon.

dragons_scale, Gaston This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

I simply got onto this site to look for someone with whom I could be if not forever, but for a very long time. But getting on here and sifting what was at least somewhat real or seemed to be, I found my lovely lady and since have been talking with her near constantly. And I wish I could see her more than I do. I love touching her, talking with her and holding her. Kissing her is like tasting heaven. And we met after a short time on the phone texting (thanks the gods for cell phones with unlimited texting). After meeting for the first time, I found that I never wanted to leave her at all. I want even now to hold her in my arms in the morning until I have to go to work, or go to bed with her in my arms. All I can say is a sceptic person found what they wanted. Thank you.

motorcyclepilot, Salem This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

I have found the most wonderful woman. She is perfect for me and we are both deeply in love. We live 1800 miles apart but have already spent two weekends together and are engaged to be married. She thinks I am perfect for her and is looking forward to being my wife, as I am looking forward to being her husband. Right now she is planning on moving in with me. We love each other so very much and it is painful to be apart from her. We are both strongly drawn and attracted to each other and have absolutely fantastic, amazing relationships, and plan on a lot more in the future. We are both dilligintly seeking ways to strengthen our relationship. We talk for at least four hours per day, which is difficult, but we love each other's company. We share music, movies, and read books together. I love her so very much and could not have found a better woman if I had been looking. Thank you so much for this venue.

Vanwest, Salt Lake City This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

My first day online I was browsing people in my area and found a few people that looked interesting. I messaged them all in hopes that someone would click. The next day I started talking to a great girl that was exactly what I was looking for. We have been texting almost non stop ever since and we have plans to meet this weekend! :D I will definitely use this site again if god forbid it doesn't work out.

tanya5788, Muskegon This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2011

I've met the love of my life here on BeNaughty and we are so very happy with each other. He is my best friend, my lover and my life companion. We met on BeNaughty about two weeks ago and we immediately fell for one another. And now we are preparing to get married. We share a special kind of relationship that only comes once in a life time. Ever heard the words «love at first sight»? Well, that is exactly what happened to us and so much more. Thank you, BeNaughty, for bringing us together!

MrBonelicious, Irving This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2011

Well, we started emailing for a while and continued getting to know each other. Finally, we were able to meet for coffee when our schedules allowed and we hit it off. We went to kiss good-bye, but just kept going. We ended up parking on a dark street like teenagers and jumping in the back seat of my Tahoe.
About 2 hours later, we had become very well acquainted and knew that we were a great match. We have met four times over the course of a week and it has been pure bliss all the way around. We both feel so lucky to have found each other. Thank you for your help!

kissready, Springdale This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

I got mail from a gorgeous blue-eyed soldier in Iraq. He told me right off what his intentions were, which I appreciated. I mailed him back. We then started chatting, sharing pics, web cam. He's coming home this month. I look forward to giving him a good, long, hot, welcome home personal party. We've meshed so well, that we are already discussing marriage. I've never, never thought it would be this way for me but it's great. Hang in there for all of you about to give up. If I had deleted my profile when I wanted to, I would have missed him. Thanks so much, BeNaughty!

frkyfun, Springfield This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2011

Within being on BeNaughty for one hour I met the man of my dreams! He drove half way across the country to come see me and after only a few weeks is trying to relocate to be with me. I feel so fortunate that I've found him and I think it's crazy that it was from here and not from match or those other big sites. You never know when or how you will find true love but it is definitely great when you do! Thanks baby!

debbiep62, Birdsboro This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
April, 2011

I had pretty much just given up and then I got a message from this man in Arizona. I wasn't going to message him back. I'm sure glad I did. Things progressed between us. Now my daughter and I are moving to Arizona to be with him. She likes him and wants to move. Big thing for a teenager. And just this past Easter he gave me the best gift he could ever have given... told me that he is ready to make my daughter his own and be the dad to her she never had. Extremely happy with my life and my future. Thanks BeNaughty!

Jonah_Franklin, Gurley This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

Well, I happened to be headed into the Airforce, which has Basic Training in San Antonio, so when I saw Erika lived there, I decided to contact her. Things went well and we found out how much we had in common. We are now engaged and have been seeing each other in person very frequently. We are very in love and we met right here on BeNaughty. I am glad I found a fit, beautiful, and loving woman. Thank you, BeNaughty!

lonelyguy233, Ridgeway This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

Well, it kinda strange how we meet. I was planning to leave the site and closeout my profile , when I recieved a message from this women who asked how she could get in touch with me. So we exchanged information and we have been talking ever since. She lives overseas and she is planning to come see me soon. I never thought I would find anyone on this site, but I did. I encourage anyone in their hopes and just be patient. Sometimes it takes a little bit, but when you find that special someone, it's worth the wait. Thanks again, BeNaughty, and I wish all your members on this site the best of luck and all happiness that life can bring. Thank you!

americanblackknight, Norfolk This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2013

I don't know what happened, but the only thing that I know, is that I joined the site to be naughty and hopefully find someone who is looking for someone special, who will not hurt, use, abuse, beat, hit, lie, cheat or deceive them or on them. I found that the perfect match for me in this beautiful blond Ladyn5372. She was so excited that I showed interest in her, because of her past experience with online dating. Now, this blond met her Blackknight and she's not letting go of me or I of her. I guarantee that she'll be in love with me and I with her, because we both experience bad relationships online, especially being lied to. BN, thank you so much for my special woman..... Sincerely, americanblackknight

lance2938, Bellevue This member uses to arrange dates from mobile!
March, 2013

Well, it wasn't easy, I really almost gave up on all the woman I talked with. But I kept trying and guess what? It was worth the wait. She is the most wonderful girl, inside and out, with great heart and soul. She is very loving and honest. I guess your site really does work! I think I met my future wife. I wanted commitment, and so does she. Wedding bells anyone, thanks BeNaughty... I'm on my way!

lucy809, Jacksonville This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
April, 2011

I never had gotten in this type of sites to find that special one. I always found it a good sort of entertainment, like when I have nothing else to do. One day I just logged in, I was actually sad that particular day, so I thought it was a good idea to distract myself this way. When I was reading my mail, this chat window pop out said such and such person wants to chat with you, so I clicked on the one I never thought would be the one for me. As we started chatting I noticed he was funny, easy going, let me do the whole chatting and was actually interested on my mood, because I commented him I was sad. He didn't try to be too flirty. I think that's what made my feel more attractive to him. So as we got to get to know each other a lot better suddenly I felt like this was real, this was not another random guy I met or so. Finally he asked me out...I said yes, we are currently dating, I don't know how long this is going to last, what I am sure of, it'll be as long as it lasts, I will never regret it and will try to make the best of it for every single day we get to spend together. "so never say never" right?! "I LOVE U JEREMY KINSLOW" u make me so happy!:-)

crosswinds, Cary This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
April, 2011

I have been on here for some time and for a man of my age (salt and pepper hair age) I found it a little hard to find the woman that I was looking for that was interested in an older man. One day not too long ago I saw one that had just joined and was very close to me, actually just across the town limits in the next municipality. We seemed to hit it off fairly quickly and began texting every morning before we went to work and in the evenings after work. We finally decided to meet for drinks after work and from there on we both know that we'd end up as a couple. Life has been good so thanks to BeNaughty for my opportunity to find the woman I was seeking. Crosswinds

oursecret61, Fargo This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
April, 2011

I joined this site on January 1, 2011 on a lark, not expecting to find a serious relationship. But much to my surprise, I hit it off with someone I met my first week on the site. Saying we hit it off is an understatement. We're like magnets and the chemistry is incredible - mentally, emotionally, physically - it's the real deal. Day by day, our connection grew stronger and stronger. We connect at virtually every level possible and we're still growing closer with each passing moment. She's everything I've ever wanted and we're looking forward to a lifetime of happiness together. Thanks Benaughty!

slp20, AR This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2011

I wasn't exactly looking to find someone, I was just looking. I came across this site and decided to join...figured what did I have to lose...and I didnt actually have to met the person...I was just flipping through some profiles not sure what I was looking for...and I came across this one profile in particular (rangerwilly1964)...It was a simple pic....but it caught my I decided to give him a thing I knew I recieved an definitely made me take another look...we chatted a while, exchanged email address...then phone numbers...we talked and chatted with each other for a while...sometimes the conversations lasting several hours...It was amazing of the things we had in common...and then we finally agreed to meet.....I really don't know who was more nervous, him or the rest is history.....He opened my heart back up...returned the joy and happiness to my life.....made the warmth return to my soul......and I have truly given him what I deep down never really gave to another ....My whole heart...and the key to it.....I found my future....the love of my everything..... my blue-eyed cowboy.....Thank You BeNaughty.

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