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This is a selection of success stories that members have chosen to share. We will be delighted to hear from you if BeNaughty brought you together with someone special. This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online, if it worked for you it can also work for them!

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susuap This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2009

well, first i saw sum nice man. before anything else i say his name is george and he's totally cute!! i got his email and we started chating and well, we found that we r a match so we r dating now !! good luck !!

dimples691 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
March, 2009

I am now getting married in September after meeting someone on this site. It was ment to be just fun but we are really happy. Thanks

darkie45 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
July, 2009

I met a young honset girl from the States, who i believe is Miss Right and we are hoping to link up later in the year. Thanks to this site i have found out that the one for you is not always the girl next door. Look across the seas and you will find happiness. I hope this works.

shyandflirty09, Worcester City This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
July, 2009

It started with a conversation on here, then we moved to msn. Within a week we had swapped numbers and he began calling me a minimum of twice a day, plus numerous texts went back and forth between us. We met up after 3 weeks and it was amazing. 6 weeks later we are together, in love and making plans for the future.

Mistress_Angel, Portsmouth This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
June, 2009

I met my match on BeNaughty a short while ago. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, when I signed up to the site. I think I just wanted some "stimulation" of some sort. I really enjoy erotic stories and the power of the written word. There are plenty of guys on here who do just irritate me, because they cannot spell, cannot compose a sentence and who are just rude. Yes, I understand some people are interested in that, but I do implore members read the profile of their potential match-ups before messaging to get the response right. That's what the guy I met did. He tailored a story around what I had written on my profile. That got my attention. So then I emailed back and we ended up, starting a story of our own - each adding a paragraph and seeing how it progressed. We write in similar styles and enjoy being sensual and hot, but also naughty at the same time. Things just progressed from there and now we're meeting in the flesh to indulge in reality and pursue a relationship, as ultimately that is what we both want. It all is thanks to BeNaughty :)

imalexandgay, Wakefield This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2009

I first found out about BeNaughty, when my best friend signed me up for it. I decided to give it a go, as I'm usually unlucky in love and was extremely lonely. Within days I had a few hits, but no-one really took my fancy. It was a night in February, I was sitting alone checking my profile when i received an email from her. Her name was Fluer, and her profile picture astounded me. She was beautiful. Right then I knew, I had to talk to her. We spoke all day everyday for weeks and we both knew it was time we met. The next week I flew out to Boliva to stay at her place for 3 weeks. The chemistry between us intensed, Fluer is perfect for me. I have never been happier than I am now.
Months have passed and I'm even more in love than I ever thought was possible. Fluer is my whole world, I truly don't know what i'd do without her now.

diamonddiva45, Orlando This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
May, 2009

Well, me and my closest friend talked and chatted every day for 2 months and one day. While we were talking, i told him we should meet. We met at a French resturant and we're together ever since.

MoonDancer2020, Phoenix This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
September, 2009

Dear BN staff,
I came on this site out of total frustration from nonsense dating sites and unfulfilled dreams of two years or more. It is amazing, how one's path leads them to enlightenment if they just let it.
When we at least expect it, a miracle happens and you can't ignore it.
Who would have thought that this funky-little-site that was daring people to "Be Naughty" could have "all roads lead to one" and that he and I would find each other.
What is absolutely so hilarious about it only took us 24 hours!!! Two people on opposite sides of the continent made contact with each other - that was written in the stars.
This site was the conduit that opened the door for the Universe to reintroduce two souls who recognized each other from so many lifetimes ago.
Thank you

twinface, Eagle This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
October, 2009

We met within the first few minutes of me getting on. We found out, we worked very close to each other. We met for lunch - ended up 69 in the back of my car. She wants to introduce me to her girlfriend and have a bang together tonight. Every man's dream's coming true because of

DevilishG, Largo This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
October, 2009

I did not do anything. The person contacted me and we have been hitting it off ever since. Thank you, this is the first website, that I have actually found someone, who cares for who I AM, not for what I can provide them.


Neofni, New Orleans This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
December, 2009

I came on this site about a year ago hoping to find someone local to break the cycle of over 15 years of celibacy. I had a little success making friends and even met a local guy. He seemed to be a game player but I wasn't sure. So I started blogging about my plight looking for insight into the male mind. It became clear quickly that he was not the one. However I was enjoying making friends and blogging. I continued to blog on a regular basis. As I was blogging I came across a guy who blogged, he posted quotes and other things of interest (none of a sexual nature though). One day he copied the blog of a friend of mine and reposted it (to keep it from disappearing onto a back page) but he failed to credit the original author. I went off on him for plagiarising and called him a "lame excuse". Turned out he had been sick and just missed crediting the blog. He apologised and the rest as they say "was history." Our romance was followed carefully by many in the blogs. Finally he came all the way to the US to meet me from the UK. It turned out to be as wonderful a romance in person as it started out online. He will be making his 3rd visit here in less than 2 weeks. I have only been to the UK to see him once but... it was the trip of a lifetime as he proposed to me while I was there. We have shared our good news with all our friends here on Benaughty via the blogs and the forums (since I was the Love Expert for 5 months or so). We plan to marry and live in the US as soon as all the emigration red tape can be dealt with. Thanks BeNaughty!!! Neofni and John 774477

Jyllyun This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
January, 2010

I met the man of my dreams on this site. He is so wonderful... We talk daily and actually we haven't even done anything sexually at all...Kinda funny since its an adult sexual site. We have so much in common and we are taking our time getting to know each other. We have planned to meet in the near future and we have plans to build a life together....Now this is alllll soooo new for us its only been a little while but our connection and the amount of time that we spend together on this site is crazy...We fall asleep on here everynight, kissing each other on the little kissing button that Be Naughty has . I've been on alot of other sites. My space, Date hookup, yahoo messenger, and chat lines.....This is the first time I found someone of value and quality that would complement my life......

kaz345 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
February, 2010

I just would like to update you: the guy I met on here, we have just got engaged after 2 meetings. He is everything I want in a guy, I only came on here for a laugh, and never thought in a million years that I would find someone to make me happy again. Thanks again, BeNaughty! Thanks, Owen 30 for making me happy, I love you so much!

MICH38FUDGE, Tarrant This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
December, 2009

He found me, a week ago... He has been talking every day since then. He lives in Washington and I, in Texas. Both are widows, and both have 11-year old sons... Unbelievable... But both so real... And just now we said we loved each other. Never have we met yet... But very very soon... If you want to get back with me later, I will update you on our beautiful life together!

DreamLove2469, Baltimore This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
December, 2009

I started out chatting with an emailing mwolf66 and found we hit it off great together. He now considers my kids his as well as my grand babies his as well. He started out calling Colorado home but now says his home is right here in Baltimore,Md. Thanx, BeNaughty

FreeAgent869, Houston This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
December, 2009

I met the woman of my dreams. We hit it off instantly, we chatted for some time and then; the rest is history. Last place i expected to find her.

GDean, Lincoln This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
December, 2009

Just let me say that I am happy and thank you for making the experience happen. G

BKSunknown, Chandler This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
January, 2010

I met the most amazing woman from Missouri, she found me, we chatted then talked on the phone and now are planning to meet after exchanging photos. We are made for each other, it just happened, can't be explained really. I wasn't looking for anything like this to happen from this site. But she is for me and I am for her, and I appreciate this site for that reason of bringing our two worlds together. I had fun on this site and enjoyed my time here, but I have to go now and spend the rest of my life with the one that I met on here. So best of luck to everyone that is looking for someone and have all the fun you can! To all the ones that are just looking for fun!

Lexis7, London This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
January, 2010

Great place to meet someone special! And I hope others find what they are looking for. All the best and always be honest with yourself, and you will find what you're looking for!! Have fun on Benaughty!

kieuluv, Victorville This member enters the site using the BeNaughty Android Application!
March, 2010

Me and my girlfriend decided that we wanted someone a guy, who would be in a serious relationship with us. And we found him here on benughty. We all three would like to thank the site.

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