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Chat-up line:Dominant man seeks one woman with a broken moral compass :)
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Can travel: Yes

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In their own words

Before you start reading, get yourself comfortable, this goes on a bit. It may make me sound a bit demanding, and in some ways that’s true. But in reality, I’m just particular in my choices. Still reading? Well done, there is hope then. I don't give a rat's-**** if you're a size 8 or a size 18. Have ginger hair or hairy legs (actually I rather like red hair but ignore that last bit, hairy legs - yuk). That's not to say that you shouldn't look after yourself. Of course you should. Please don't contact me just using text message abbreviations or worse, fake **** slang. This is Great Britain and I speak English (and don't even think about accusing me of being a racist). (I did warn you that this goes on a bit, but believe me, I’ve trimmed it down a lot!) I’m looking for a lady that does not seem to exist. A woman who can care like a ****, screw like a hooker and listen when I occasionally need a rant. Since I'm clearly asking too much already, lets make you a reasonable cook too. I will provide you with the same in return (except the cooking, I'm lover, not a fryer) and much more. I don't do one-night-stands, never have, I never will. If you want to chat on web ****, no problem, but I will be keeping my trousers on, thank you very much :)

They are looking for

I'm not like most men. I don’t think as they do, or want what they usually desire. Apparently there are four main personality types. Most people are predominantly one type, sometimes two. But I am all four. If you haven't heard about the four personality types (I hadn't until a couple of years ago) then feel free to look it up. This doesn't mean that I'm mad or weird, nor does it mean that I'm not shallow. ALL men are shallow. Some are born that way and the rest of us have got the hang of it by adolescence. I'm an honest, tall, athletic, good looking, professional guy with blue eyes and occasional but brief outbreaks of modesty. Well educated, good sense of humour, outgoing, adventurous and kind. Dominant in the bedroom (hallway, lounge, kitchen, garden, behind the deli counter in the local supermarket, you get the idea). A happy, outgoing bloke, with a very positive outlook seeking a similar lady. I’m NOT looking for another bloke, (got that now chaps? There has been some very ‘generous’ offers from other guys but you’re really not what I’m looking for, ok? Jolly good). Where was I? Oh yea, I’m unhappily married but I have two **** whose lives I don’t want to disrupt, so I will do all I can to protect that. Don't judge me unless you know me. (yes, I’m still running-on, but stick with it, you’re nearly at the end) Just send me an ****-mail saying ‘I'm right here, what are you, **** or something?’ That’s it, I’m done, for now anyhow. Thanks for reading my ramblings and have a great day.

About me
gender: Male
age: 44
orientation: Straight
looking for: Email or chat
Nothing serious
Private Relationship
marital status: Unhappily Married
playing safe: With a new partner
smoke: No
drinks: Social
shaved: - Not Given -
pierced: - Not Given -
Height: 5' 11 (1.80m)
Country of birth:United Kingdom
weight: 11st 6lb - 73kg
race: Caucasian/White
build: Well Built
eyes: Blue
hair: Dark Brown
glasses: No
facial hair: None
endowed: - Not Given -
cut: - Not Given -

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