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Chat Room Moderators - Meet The Team

# 1  7/25/12 10:05 AM

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Moderator This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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United States

Let me introduce the chat room moderators. They are volunteers and they do a great job moderating the chat rooms.

The USA chat room mods are:


The Canadian chat room mods are:


The UK chat room mods are:


The Irish chat room mods are:


The Australian chat room mods are:


The New Zealand chat room mods are:


The Italian chat room mods are:


The Spanish chat room mods are:


The French chat room mods are:


I would also like to remind everyone that the chat room rules exist:
You can find the link to chat room rules in the top right corner of the Chat rooms tab of the basic chat.

I would like to give special thanks to the chat room mods for being patient and fair.
Dear chat room moderators, come say hi.


# 2  10/23/12 4:11 PM

MODERATOR-FairButFirm This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Kelly Usa
Such a tease

Hello Everyone

Moderator-FairbutFirm here, you will find me in the US Rooms and the International Rooms   either trying to keep the peace or enjoying a laugh or two...Feel free to stop by and say hello.  Any problems or questions you have, I can be reached by PM to help.

Members are strongly advised to have all kinds of Naughty fun in the Chat Rooms. Read the chat rules, abide by them, keep your personal contact details and the web links out of the rooms, keep the arguments in your PM's, live by the Golden Rule, even on a Naughty Site, and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," no abuse and no harassing or bullying and remember it's Fun to BE Naughty....ENJOY the rooms

We encourage Members to check this list to see which of us are online to assist you OR feel free to add us to your Friends or Favorites list so you can find us easier if our assistance is needed in a Chatroom

# 3  10/23/12 4:31 PM

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Trojan-MOD This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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United States
Naughty newbie

Hello Everyone.. I am Trojan-Mod.. I am here for your protection, and ribbed for her pleasure. LOL

I am here to help keep the peace and make sure the room are a fun place to hang out. If you have any problems or issues, please PM me. You can also leave me offline messages.

Have a great time, and meet some nice folks in the chat rooms.

# 4  10/23/12 4:52 PM

Mystical_Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 37
Sweet talker

Hi Everyone Mystical here, I'm your friendly Canadian Mod, here to ensure everyone enjoys their time on the site and The Chat Rooms are  used for what they are intended for.  Private Message me with any of your questions or concerns regarding the Chat Rooms.

I moderate the Canadian Rooms and the Internationals.

I'm confident you will find our whole team of Mods, friendly, helpful and approachable.  Chat Room Mods are members ourselves and volunteer our time here to help out other Members, so please be patient and respectful when approaching us in the can get busy at times.

Enjoy the site and have lots of Naughty Fun

If you haven't ventured into the Chat Rooms yet, stop by and say's the Happenin' Spot to be on the site.

CALLING ALL CANADIAN MEMBERS ...It would be wonderful to see the Numbers in our Canadian rooms grow a bit, there are certainly enough of us on the your Canadian Rooms as well EH!

# 5  10/23/12 6:21 PM

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Sparkle-Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 44
Naughty newbie

Hey gorgeous people ..Sparkles here..your friendly chat room moderator..always happy to help with site problems ..private message me any time for assistance....Come visit the chat rooms and find me..I'm mostly in the US and **** national rooms..I'll chat to everyone so long as your not too naughty ...if your very lucky I will shake my hips you (__\__) (__/__) (__\__)

# 6  2/13/13 12:29 AM

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Shadow-Moderator This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Man, 24
United States
Sweet talker

Hello all

I'm a kind, fair and approachable person and happy to assist with any questions or concerns you have related to the chat rooms, blogs or the forum. I aim to ensure all members have a safe and enjoyable time on the site. So go on, it is nice to BE Naughty.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve both the forum and chat rooms then please let us know here. I shall look forward to reading what the members propose.

# 7  8/7/13 2:24 PM

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Night_Moderator This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Man, 43
United States
Naughty newbie

Hello Members.

I moderate the USA Rooms and the International Rooms mostly in the Evenings and Weekends. Have fun and follow the Rules for the Rooms.  Your chat room moderators are here to help, don't fear our presence in any room, we roam the rooms to make sure the rules are being followed and they are running at a smooth and fun pace. We are also there to assist with any problems or questions that may arise.  A quick PM to any mod is the fastest way to get us to a room or to answer a question. Please remember to PM us rather then speak to us in the open rooms.

As my other fellow mods have stated, have fun and enjoy the chat rooms, sit back and let the Mod Team handle any conflicts, that's what we are here for. Cheers

# 8  1/18/14 10:27 PM

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Mrs-Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 36
United Kingdom
Such a tease


I can be found in the UK rooms and International rooms and am always happy to help ****

# 9  1/18/14 11:15 PM

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Watt-MOD This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Man, 50
United Kingdom
Naughty newbie


I am Watt Mod I am in the UK and international rooms.
I try to keep the rooms fun and friendly.
I also try to keep the female Mods in line, but as you can imagine its like

That might get me in trouble

Cheers Watt

# 10  1/19/14 7:01 AM

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Nin-Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 29
United Kingdom
Such a tease

Hey everyone,

I'm Nin-Mod, and you'll find me in the UK and International rooms. I'm on everyday, but my times can vary a bit.

# 11  1/19/14 8:05 PM

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sweet-mod2 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 44
United Kingdom
Sweet talker

sweet-mod2 here chat room moderator ...find me in the UK and International rooms for any assistance.  I am very to help in anyway possible ...Check out the chat rooms if you haven't already we would bite

# 12  3/7/14 6:44 PM

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DGrimmod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Man, 39
Cape clear Island
Such a tease

My domain is the Irish rooms and I tend to float across  the International date line at times

# 13  3/8/14 4:01 AM

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WizardMOD This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Man, 40
Naughty newbie


I work my magic in the Aussie rooms and Internationals.

I reckon the best way to get my help is to PM me for assistance.

# 14  3/8/14 12:59 PM

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WhitePetal-Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 43
Naughty newbie

Hello Everyone From Across   The Globe,
You may  find   me   mostly  in the aussie rooms sitting on the shelf being a good girl    hehehe
But can be found amongst the crowds of the  other chat rooms.
Have a great time and  enjoy the site.
Green light  means   I am   here   to  help     cheers   and  smile   lots 

# 15  3/8/14 1:36 PM

Silver-Mod This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
Woman, 32
Naughty newbie

Hey folks,

You'll find me in the Aussie and international rooms, mostly out of 'regular' hours.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything. If I can't help, I'll do my best to find someone who can or point you in the right direction

Be good and have fun ****

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